Monday, June 29, 2015

"There's a mouse in the house" letter (aka Nature is going to be my "Best Friend")

Oooooohhhh, Holy Hannah, this week has been CRAZY!!!!!  I'm sure sometime in the mission I'll be able to top this week, but it's going to be pretty dang hard to do.  Just wait til you read the experiences I've had. 
So, first things that happened when I got off the plane.... We made a Sisters bathroom break and Sister Schaff walked in on someone in a stall.  That was highly entertaining hahaha.  Poor Sister Schaff.  She's so quiet, she didn't deserve that.  Then I was told I knew Elder Session's girlfriend and she was apparently my best friend back in Ogden.  .... Does anyone know an Elder Sessions???  I need help here.  I'm sure I know the girl, but... I'm just smiling and nodding and praying I don't meet this guy before I know the girl's name.
I now have a drinking problem.  I drink water when I'm bored.  And I drink a ton of it.  Which is really good, and I'm really grateful I have my water bottle again.
Then I met a cousin!! Sister Burnham is someone from the Italian Cardon side of things and actually went to Mexico with mother!  I don't have a picture.. But that was a cool little connection.
Then on Wednesday, first full day in the field, at the end of the day Sister Jessee backed into our neighbor's truck.  So guess who gets to drive the truck now?!  THIS GIRL! :)  It's kinda scary.  It's kinda really big.  But I will grow to love it.  Backing up terrifies me just a little.  But side note, **thank you** Michael for the wonderful flashdrive of music!  I thought you were crazy giving me a flashdrive instead of a CD, but it plugs into the truck perfectly and I've highly enjoyed listening to MOTAB sing Disney songs.
Also, thank you Leiana and family for sending me the cute little package!  It was darling and I loved the notes that came with it :)
BUT!  Highlight story of the week!!  You ready for this?  This is when you know you're serving on the Indian Reservation.  So, we live in a cute little trailer.  I have my own bathroom and a queen size bed.  It's awesome :)  But on Thursday morning I had a bit of a rude awakening.  So, around 4:00-4:50, I don't know entirely when, I discovered a mouse in my bed!  I felt its little claws on my arm and freaked out just a bit.  Since I was half asleep still, I just scooted to the edge of my bed away from the little form and kinda gently said "Sister Jessee...... I think there's a mouse in my bed....."  And she did all the freaking out that I hadn't done.  She jumped up and we moved to the couches in the living room for the night.  As I was on the couch, I started realizing what had just happened.  I had just slept with a mouse... and being fully awake, that's when I started to freak out.  So getting back to bed was a little hard and I basically prayed for prayers.  So, if anyone woke up anywhere around 4-5 in the morning Thursday morning and had a weird thought to pray for me, thanks.  It was quite the event.
Other than that, we haven't had too many friends in the house.  A few spiders and fruit flies.  Oh!  But we did end up seeing our mouse friend!  She's a little thing.  So we named her Winifred.  Winnie for short.  But we decided that it has to be a girl since it is a Sister Missionary apartment.
We've had such awesome opportunities to teach people this week!  I've met a lot of the natives, heard a little Navajo, and was completely lost while listening to it.  People like to mumble out here.  But we're singing Onward Christian Soldiers in Navajo in relief society!!  Don't ask me to sing it for you, but it's pretty cool.  And I also gave my first talk in Sacrament meeting.  They told me super last minute, so I basically talked about service.  It was pretty nifty :)  
Also, shout out to my Florida people!  I miss you all so much!  I pretty much became the coolest person ever out here when I told them I was from Ogden and that I worked at Disney World and that my boss was a mouse.  A lot of people out here went out to Ogden for their placement program.  And the kids (and let's be honest, all the adults as well) love that I worked for Disney.  They all think it's the coolest thing ever!  And little kids love the Pirates League stickers I plundered and am giving away.  Also, I'm gaining a huge appreciation for the Walt Disney World white pens.  Those things are awesome and I wish I had a lifetime supply.
But anyways, I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again!! Have so much fun out there in the real world!!!!! 
Fair Sailin'
Becca :)
ps - I did meet Elder Schellenberg out here!  He says hello :)

pps - Mother, I need you to send me my plain skinny jeans and socks.  My nice skinny jeans don't really work with pulling weeds.  They're the ones with a tan stitch on the back pocket

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