Monday, June 22, 2015

phone call from the airport

The big event of the morning was when Rebecca called from the Denver airport.  (Their flight from Salt Lake City had been delayed for nearly an hour, but they had made it safely thus far.)  The first question Rebecca asked was who was there.  It was just David, me and the 4 youngest girls at Alex and Erika's house.  Rebecca told me how to make a conference call - something I'd never before attempted, but that actually was quite simple to do - and soon I had AnnElyse, Paul, and Sean on the phone with us as well.  It was great to hear her bubbly voice talking about the devotional speaker who challenged them to be "astonishing" (don't read that word; sing it.  Becca surrounded it with musical notes in her journal.)  She talked about how she doesn't like to eat cold cereal for breakfast - which is all they have on Sunday mornings since the workers are all at church, so she opted for the fruit instead.  They make up for it on Sunday afternoons by serving BYU creamery ice-cream.  (I think she tried Graham Canyon.)  She did get a picture taken by the map with her cousin Matt Giliam in it.  And she asked for me to send family photos right away since all she has is pictures of Sean and Paul.  (The sister missionaries think Paul is cute, but Becca informed them that he is too young for them ... and Sean is taken!)  Sounds like she got all the letters and packages we sent - plus cinnamon rolls from Sean (not sure how he pulled that one off, but Becca said it saved her life that night.)  I'll have to remember the Dear Elder site for when Val is in the MTC.  I asked her if she sent any clothes home, and she said she didn't have to because her companion let her borrow a duffle bag.  Becca's suitcases weighed in at 50.5 pounds and 51.5 pounds (but they didn't charge her extra for going over the 50 pound weight limit.)  The rest of her stuff she put in her carry-on and her "purse" (aka duffle bag.)

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