Wednesday, June 17, 2015

First Email from the MTC

FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and friends)
How is everything going in the real world?? I feel like I'm in this intense EFY bubble, but there's no dancing.  It's kinda a bummer, but it's been a blast so far!
Time is SUCH a crazy thing here at the MTC! The first 3 days felt like they dragged on fooooorrrreeeeevvvvveeeerrrrr but now they kinda go at a normal pace.  Kinda.  So, fun thing have been going on here!  I got my first companion and her name is Sister Scoffield.  SHE'S AMAZING!!  We are so alike!  We goof off, but she keeps me in line as she loves to study.  But we have been laughing so hard together and I just love it.
We've been able to teach a few lessons together and they have been a rollercoaster.  Our first member lesson was beyond perfect.  The spirit was so strong and the message was so great and we all teared up at one point or another because we all loved each other so much.  And we left the lesson feeling amazing!!  Then we had our first non-member lesson and it was **horrible!!!!** It was over skype which threw us off and the spirit was so not there as strongly as our previous lesson.  We forgot to pray at the beginning because of the whole skype thing and we could feel it.  The sister didn't have a real knowledge of God and we were making things a little too complicated as we stumbled around.  We left the lesson feeling so bad.  I hadn't cried at the MTC til that point, but after that lesson I was so frustrated with myself that I just sat and cried in class.  It was so bad.  But we've bounced back and have taught this sister again and it went much better!  So word of advice: ALWAYS pray before teaching someone.  It's the spirit that teaches, not you.
Little facts: my district is amazing!  There are 12 of us, 8 elders, 4 sisters, and we're ALL going to Farmington New Mexico!  That's like unheard of here at the MTC to have a district of 12 going to the same mission.  We all have the same flight and leave Monday morning.  It's going to be a crazy adventure, and I have a feeling that the airport will hate us, but it's going to be so much fun.
Sister Scoffield and I were called to be the Sister Missionary Training leaders for the zone!  So that's exciting!!! We basically make sure the sisters are doing alright, and lead relief society, and give orientation to the new missionaries.  So that's what we'll be doing tonight!  The past two nights we've been able to welcome in the new international sisters in our zone and they are just complete sweethearts!!! One's from New Zealand, and one's from South Africa.  They have the sweetest spirits and such strong testimonies.  I love them so much and can't wait to meet the other Elders and Sisters.
So, the MTC has basically been a crap ton of studying, devotionals, studying, lessons, and more studying.  I'm going insane with all the studying.  It's a huge relief when we get to go to gym time (which we do daily) and our district gets together to play 4 square.  I'm horrible at 4 square, but I've made it to the King square once!!!!  That was huge.  There's a saying that the days will be weeks and the weeks will be days.  That is SO true here!!
Gosh, I don't even know what else to say.  I'm loving it here.  I've grown so much in my week here and I can't imagine giving up my nametag.  I love serving the Lord and I love the people He lets me teach. 

So fun things that have happened/fun facts: My host was actually someone I knew from Disney World!  It's a small world afterall!!  We talk Disney things and no one else gets it because it's a completely different language.

Sister Scoffield and she is just a doll.  We discover new things every day as to why we were paired as companions.  She's from California, going to BYU for elementary education, and we just have a blast together!  We are totally the weird sisters, but we laugh a lot and it is such a stress reliever.  The other day we got to talk Marvel and about other silly things.  And workouts with her are just the best.  Haha, I'll have to attach some pretty great pictures.  She's a goof and I love her for it.  She also loooovvvessss studying, and I'm still of the belief that studying = student + dying, so she's really good for me.  We both are super strong in the gospel and are big talkers, so lessons are more or less a breeze.  Except for the one time

Sunday we watched a devotional called "Character of Christ" with Elder Bednar speaking and it was life changing!!!! It was all about turning outward instead of inward and giving service to others.  Matthew 4:11, JST.  Amazing. Christ seriously was so selfless.

Yesterday we had a trio companionship for a day.  We were with Sister Baliff and she's currently in the South SLC mission while she waits for her Visa. She's pretty cool and has an awesome testimony.

Today we were able to go to the temple and it was so great!!! We are now scrabbling around to do everything for P-day before we give orientation to the new missionaries.    It's just crazy.

I can't wait to hear from you guys and what crazy things you have been up to!!

Love you all!   The church is true! 
Becca :)

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