Monday, March 28, 2016

more photos

Me and Sis Flake with our Dragon Fruit!
 And then Sister Scoffield!!!!

Marshmallow eggs and then colored eggs!

can you tell I still obsess over captain america and pirates...??

Last night's creation

They were alright... but not too much greater than normal brownies

Misc photos

Multi tasking while emailing... it's turning into a little bit of a disaster.  But here's an update on pictures!

game of life

Tooth brushing party!!!  Super fun exchanges

One of my new favorite hair styles!  MY HAIR GOES INTO A HIGH PONYTAIL!!!! 
  Sister Ledford teaching Elders how to do life

Okay, so this is a wee bit dumb....

So, we switched emailing locations today to the library and my computer has decided to not work for 90% of my emailing time... I'm a little frustrated, but it's okay.  I'll try to type fast and send pictures.   

So, this week has been an adventure and a half!  We started the madness of exchanges, and what a kick off it was!  We exchanged with Holbrook and so that translates into Sister Monson and Sister Millard.  Sister Millard is my age, but just started her mission last transfer.  When I was with Sister Monson, we were ending our exchange, so we were driving back to Holbrook to switch back to our normal companions.  What should have been a 1 1/2 hour drive turned into a 3 1/2 hour drive.  It was ridiculous.  We had managed to take the back roads pretty much to Holbrook... we went through Steamboat and realized we were on the wrong road.  So Sister Flake and I had an unexpected sleepover in Holbrook.  Thank goodness Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings, cause if they did then we would have been an hour late for curfew.

Other happenings - I went to Farmington for a day for MLC!  And we got Vanilla Moose!  It was delicious :)  Pumpkin shake = the best.

I got to stay with Sister Scoffield in Farmington!!! Greatest thing ever.  I love her with all my heart and soul.

I've been asked to do a musical number in Zone conference this week... it's been a MESS!!! But, I have faith that everything will work out.  The group of singers I've asked to participate **will** know their parts!  Man... I've had a break down in front of my zone leaders over this this week.... it's been kinda awful. But things are looking up.  We will sound like angles.

Women's Conference was AMAZING!!! I'm so pumped for General Conference this weekend!!!

I love Sister Flake.  She is a life saver.  She helps me out so much when I'm stressed!!! She's the greatest.

We colored easter eggs this week!  That was exciting.  I'll send a picture... try to guess which ones are mine.  It's kinda super obvious.

And that's about all I've got time for!  So  sorry it's short... goodness, I dislike this computer.

I love you all!!!
Love, Becca

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Can I just say "I love MLC!" The amazing zone leaders, sister training leaders and the assistants in the New Mexico Farmington mission. - Sister Adams
There's Becca front and center!

Week Dos in Gallup!‏

Life is so good.  Missionary work is awesome.  My companion is fantastic.  The members are amazing.  I'm just LOVING life as a servant of the Lord! :D

Quote of the Week  "My face looks fat!" - Sister Cardon.
We have been fed a LOT of Navajo Tacos this past week... and my not having a scale since transfers might be a bit of a problem.  Good thing we go back to Farmington tonight for MLC and I can swing by Flora Vista to grab a few forgotten items!  We also might have been eating a lot of ice cream... Stressful times call for such things.  We had a night this past week where we tried SOO many people!  And we were trying people for pretty much the entire day and absolutely no one was home, or if they were they were all sick.  It was a hard day, but we ended with some Frozen Yogurt so it ended on a kinda good note.  We have our sweets planned out for the week - Today we're getting Frozen Custard at Freddy's in Farmington and then tomorrow we get VANILLA MOOSE!!!!! So dang excited. :)  Then we'll lay off the sweets for a long while.  Well, until Sunday night when we try out our new recipe - cheesecake brownies.  It's gonna be great :)

Speaking of our goal of trying a new recipe every week, last night's creation went really well!!!! We made these hamburger things... they were pretty much hamburger/cheese stuffed homemade rolls.  It was SO good!!! We'll be finishing them off today before we make the loooonnnnnggg drive to Farmington.

Fun people that we teach - we're teaching a 99 - year - old lady named Mary!!! Oh my goodness gracious, she is the SWEETEST lady of my life! 99 And still going strong!!! Really though, she's the most sane 99 year old I've ever met.  She's doing better than a lot of other people in their 70's!  She loves learning about the "Norman's" and just brightens any day we get to meet her.  Oh, I love her so much!!!

Embarrassing moment this week - I was asked to give a training in District meeting today on the topic of extending bold and loving commitments and following up with those we teach.  I did the normal talking and stuff, and then took everyone to the gym to do a visual learning.  I had two Elders try to make a basket from across the gym.  Then when they both failed, I asked one Elder if he made it.  He obviously didn't, so I had him move forward a little to try from a closer place.  I ignored the other Elder.  And we did that a few times.  One Elder kept moving up, and then the other was consistently ignored.  But, funny thing, when all was said and done, the Elder that was ignored and had to keep shooting from the other end of the gym ended up making it while the one that kept moving forward didn't.  It wasn't what I planned on happening, but oh well.  Well, we had been shooting hoops for a little while when we suddenly were confronted by the Stake President (I had no idea it was the Stake President...) and he asked us to be quiet since they were doing a training in the chapel.  Oh my goodness, first impression the Stake President has of me is messing around in a gym.  And one of the Elder's shooting hoops was one of our Zone Leaders... oops.  So, that was exciting.  But you know, I've met the Stake President again since and he didn't say anything, so maybe I'm forgiven? 

Other funny happening - We asked our Zone Leaders if they had a hand mixer we could use for our recipes.  They said yes, then the next day they handed us a hand mixer with one beater.  Somehow they lost the other one.  But hey, it works at least!  It was nice to have as we made our hamburger things yesterday.

Fun fact - We give service at the food pantry every week.  We sort through things, bag food items, and clean.  It's a party and a half.  And cold.  At least I get to wear pants twice a week!  That makes for an exciting missionary life.  It feels weird wearing pants... #I'vebeenamissionaryfortoolong

And... yeah!  That's been our week pretty much!

I love you all!  I'll try to send some pictures!

Love always,
Becca :)

Monday, March 14, 2016


Some of my favorite people. But the computers we email from here in Gallup are SUPER slow in sending pictures, so......  this might be all for this week.  Sorry

Hey There!

Hello hello from Gallup!

This week has been fantastic!  I'm loving it out here in Gallup!  Sister Flake is amazing beyond belief.  And now I'm a REAL missionary!!!! I've finally graduated from 12 Week Training!!! It only took half the mission.....

Exciting things that happened this week:
The mutual activity this week was a HUGE Game of Life in the gym.  It was so so cool!  I'll send pictures... maybe...

We met an awesome member family and had dinner with them - the Deckers.  They make a new recipe every week.  That's now a new life goal.

Sister Flake has the Brian Stokes Mitchell Christmas CD with MOTAB!!!!! We were listening to Christmas music in March, but that's perfectly okay because it's Brian Stokes Mitchell.  I just about died.  She also has Alfie Boe's Christmas Concert... that's gonna be next.  Tis good!

We're working on a new recipe every week - This past week was lemon bars.  It wasn't a new recipe for me, but it was so good.  Thanks Leiana for the recipe!  We enjoyed them a lot.

We had a movie night watching the Testaments.... no one showed up.  so that was exciting. 

Our Zone leaders ran out of gas in their travels this past week.  That was funny.

Well, I've gotta go but I love you all!

Monday, March 7, 2016

food photos

We made a cookie!  It was cinnamon bun cookie - it was delicious. 

Tell Pa-ool I found the prune juice.

We found another one!

We found another wheelchair at Sister Alford's house!  It was the greatest.

Look at that old lady...

Super Speedy

Just look at those blurred wheels! ;)
Elder Kuns and I had a race - walker vs wheel chair.  I won! ... then they said I had to go back...

they're gonna be the mean old men in the retirement home...

Getting up there in months...

Definitely getting up there in months on the mission!  This week makes half way!  So we figured I'm old enough to have a walker.


Going for a stroll with Fred!  It was the greatest :)

One last picture with Fred and his horses... This was one of the hardest goodbyes in Flora Vista

Winds in the East...

Bah!!! Guess what!!! I'm being transferred!

Hope you like pictures, cause that's taking most of my email time sending them off! :D

Let them eat cake!

One of the less actives we teach, Cerina Tanner made this cake!!! It was SOOO pretty!!!!! (Sister Tanner is the one that sent the cardboard cuttout pictures)

It's been a SUPER last week!

Flora Vista Enrichment Night!!! It was supercalifragalisticexpialidocious!

It's blurry, but I just love Sister Ledford's face!!!

Then we have us with Sister Sheri Lewis and Margie (her grandma we're teaching in Aztec 1st) Sister Lewis is who feeds us every Thursday with her husband Mike

This picture is with Kay Murray - a FANTASTIC lady in Flora Vista!!!! She was baptized a little over a year ago and is still going strong.

Preston, Me, and Blake!

And then pretty much my favorite picture from the night - me and Sister Emily Hopper (those are her boys in the previous picture)

Sister Hopper again

Sister Earlene Pixton and Chandra Palmer

Sister Lorrie Johnson, Sister Gail Wagner, Annie (Sister Johnson's little girl) and Me!

Then Sister Elma Palmer - the relief society president in Flora Vista

zone and district pics

Then there's our Bloomfield zone.  the zone I've been part of for 7 months.... Pretty much I'm the oldest missionary in that zone

I had no idea Sister Ledford took that picture... I found it funny :)