Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere :)‏

Hello hello!
Life has been SO good this week!  We've been busy getting my new trainee adjusted to mission life and she is doing AMAZING!!! Her name is Sister Abbigail Nielsen and she is truly incredible.  She's from Weston Idaho, graduated a year ago, and went to Utah State for a year before the mission.  She is the sweetest thing ever and I love her so much!  She truly keeps me on track as she reminds me of the simple things while my brain is being scattered a million different places at once.  Heavenly Father truly knows who you need as a companion.  Life is GREAT! :D

Adventures that happened this week:  Well, transfers obviously.  Sister Steele is with Sister Scoffield now and while I slightly wish I were part of that trio, I've accepted the fact that we'll just have to have a trio next transfer.  Sister Nielsen will be able to take over the area, right?? Just kidding, I'm happy with how everything worked out :)

We were able to watch Women's conference on Saturday!  That was SO good!!!! I absolutely loved every minute of it!  And am so extremely excited for General Conference this weekend!  I'm just grateful that we have a living prophet now that we can look to for counsel and guidance. We are just so blessed in this life.

We also had the opportunity to sit at an auto shop for two hours on Friday... that wasn't so fun.  But we had someone randomly call us and say they wanted to take missionary lessons!  So that was exciting!  I love those random moments :)

We also got to go to the Temple yesterday, which is why I didn't email.  But it was SO amazing!!!! Oh man, I just can't even describe how great it was to be in the temple again.  The Spirit that is there is so strong!  And it provides such a strength.  Temples are just the best.

Well, I love you all and hope you're doing well!!!!! Enjoy the pictures!
Becca :)

shout out to my pirate people :)
I tried Green Chile Ice Cream! It was... weird.  So I ended up getting an apple pie ice cream instead and that was much better!
It's Sister Nielsen!!! :D  She is AMAZING!!!! I wrote random facts in the hand written letter, but in short she's from Idaho, has a dairy farm, is incredible, and I love her to death.  Here you've got her first day in the field and then our temple trip yesterday

I love these ladies SO much!  We've had some fantastic times together :)  Now Sister Scoffield and Sister Steele are companions!! Crazy life

We were able to go to the temple yesterday!  And all of my companions were there except for Sister Jessee!  So here they are!  Sister Scoffield, Sister Steele, and now Sister Nielsen! :D

Monday, September 28, 2015

no letter today...

Today is the Temple day at the Monticello temple for the sisters and the elders so she won't be able to email today.  Thought she would send you this to say she loves you.  :)

letter from mission president

22 September 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Cardon,

We want to let you know how much Sister Adams and I have grown to love Sister Cardon.  She is a wonderful example of what a successful missionary can be.  We respect and admire her for her dependability and conscientiousness.  She is thoughtful and considerate in the way she relates to fellow missionaries.

It is because of her example and qualities that I have called Sister Cardon to serve as a Trainer.  I have great confidence in her ability to serve in this leadership capacity.  She will be responsible for training a new missionary and helping her have an exceptional experience her first six weeks in the mission.

We look forward to our continued association with Sister Cardon and pray the Lord's continued blessings will be with you and your family as you continue to support your missionary.


David G Adams
Mission President

Monday, September 21, 2015

packing and pizza

Lots of pictures!

Ludene's baptism

This is our zone ...

This is our district

Party hats!!!! :D  

We had a celebration for Sister Schaff and I graduating 12 week training!  ... but my camera tends to take blurry pictures... so here's some of the party!

Accurate depiction of our district... Sister Steele and I laughing at the somewhat dumb things that Elders do... 

and Inaccurate depiction, me not smiling.  I'm shocked this picture is even in existence.

Aztec Ruins

We had two Sister Cardon's for a day! Sister Schaff forgot her nametag and I luckily carry around an extra.
Dating life is NOT for Sisters!  Except at the Aztec Ruins :)

We've had a fun companionship! :)  Headbands and bows are a needed thing in life.

And our ward leaders for Aztec 1st ward

Strange things are afoot!‏

So, we received transfer news and ... Guess what! I'M TRAINING!!!!  I just barely graduated training myself and now I'm expected to teach a new missionary all there is to know about the mission life.  To say that I'm nervous is the biggest understatement in the world, but I know that it will be a good experience!  I just know that I will really need a whole lot of prayers and stuff.  I know that Heavenly Father will help me through this, I just need to trust Him even more than I already do and I trust Him a LOT already.  So this is gonna be an adventure and a half!!

Other things that happened this week.... Sister Steele and I gave a training together at District Meeting this week!  That was fun :)  We had the topic of Relying on the Spirit.  

And we did a LOT of tracting this week.  For some reason we had two days that barely had any appointments, or people would cancel last minute or something so we knocked on a lot of doors.  It was good, but I truly appreciate member referrals and set appointments now.  But I love meeting new people as well!  So really, there's no down side to this situation.

We were also given a lot of food this week which was wonderful!  Two loaves of homemade bread and some homemade jam... It made for some very happy missionaries.

I really don't have a ton to write out.  We had some funny moments this week!  Some great quotes were

" I love this music!  It reminds me of Brother Bear!" "...Who's Brother Bear?" --Me and Sister Steele

"He did a backflip!" "Wait... a Black-flip??" -- District and Elder Larsen

Well, I love you all and hope everyone is doing amazing things!!!
Becca :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fainting, curses, and music...‏

Hello family and friends!

Life is good out here on the mission :)  We're still going day by day and getting a ton of work done! 

Fun events that happened this week: A guy fainted while we were teaching him!  It was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  We're standing on his porch, talking to him (he's about 16) and then all of a sudden his eyes roll to the back of his head and he starts leaning towards me silently.  Then he hits his head on the side of the house, and keeps falling my direction, kinda sliding down the wall.  I was freaking out like none other.  Sister Steele told me to catch him, but I couldn't.  He was just on the floor for a second then came around.  We left shortly afterwards so he could feel better.

We also had zone conference this week and I was asked to do a musical number as well as put together a game with Sister Steele.  I was going to sing Who Is This Man, but couldn't get a piano player to play the music.  So it instead turned into a mashup of Lead Kindly Light/I Need Thee Every Hour and it went surprisingly well!  I'm quite impressed with my mashup skills :)  I'll have to send you a description of it or something.  I might use it again sometime.  

The game we chose to do was a missionary version of the game Curses.  And it was HILARIOUS!  Some of the curses were things like "Say 'And it came to pass' before you speak" "At the end of speaking, end with 'and thus ended the __ year of the reign of the judges'" "Gift of tongues- speak in a French accent" "Anytime someone says the word 'mission' or 'missionary' stand up and say 'I know that it's true!'" "Anytime someone stands up, act like TiWi (our car buddy that keeps us safe) and shout out 'Aggressive driving!'".  It was fantastic.  Some of the tasks were things like "Explain to Sister Adams why you have broken your arm" "Elder Jensen found a dent in your truck, explain how it got there" "describe how to make the perfect bowl of ramen noodles."

We also got to do a little service and peel roasted green chiles!  Our hands kinda burned afterwards, but it was all good! ... Until you rubbed your eyes... Both Sister Steele and I made that mistake.  Cause learning from the other person's mistake is far too easy.

And Ludene got baptized!!!!! :D  I got to go to Shiprock for Saturday morning and watch it happen and it was the greatest thing ever!  She was so funny when she came out of the water.  She looked at the little kids and said "and that's how it's done!  You pay attention so you can do it in a few years"  She's just the greatest :)  And she loved my cookies!  It was a wonderful day :)

I'm sadly about out of time, but I love you all SO much!!! And I hope you're all doing amazing things!  
Love ya!
Becca :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

more pictures this week

Here we go again!

This week has been eventful :)  Funny experiences:  Our phone called 911!  So we're in the church library talking to our Bishop when there's suddenly a police officer there asking what our phone number is and then informs us that we're on the phone with 911.  It had been in Sister Steele's bag and apparently hit the wrong buttons.  

I also mad a person cry from embarrassment.  Oops.  We were having a lesson with a lady in her trailer and I really really needed to use the restroom.  I had intended to wait until we left, but I kinda couldn't wait any longer.  So I asked if I could use her facilities and she reluctantly showed me to her bathroom.  It was in an awful state.  They don't have running water, and she can't bend down to pick up trash so there were a ton of soda cans on the floor I had to step over and there wasn't a door to close.  But I was just thankful I could use the restroom and didn't think much of it.  But I come out and she's in tears talking to the member we brought about how terrible she felt.  Gosh... I will never ask to use a member's restroom again.  I think we smoothed things over, but it was super awkward.  I just really needed to go....

We also had a fun experience where I had my first door slammed in my face!  I kinda laughed a lot after it happened.  We knocked on the door, the guy we kinda knew opened it, looked at us, we said hi, then he said "Nope, not today"  then proceeded to close the door and lock it without a second to spare.  We were both so surprised that happened that we couldn't help but burst out laughing a little.

Other exciting experiences, we had an awful even with ice cream this past week!  We went to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone/smoothie after a lesson in the hot sun and Sister Steele's chocolate ice cream was sour!  It was absolutely disgusting.  I was eternally grateful that I had gotten a smoothie.  When we went back a few days later they didn't have any chocolate ice cream and I think we know why.

Oh!  And we had a lesson yesterday where we discussed the gospel over a fire while roasting marshmallows!!! Mission life is just the best :)  We might be having too much fun out here.

I've also realized that I've been completely spoiled in having a piano player in my life.  I'm doing a musical number this Thursday for a meeting and I think it's going to be accapella.  

But we have been having spiritual experiences as well!  We had 4 people accept the invitation to baptism this week!!!!! SUPER exciting! And Ludene gets baptized on Saturday!  It's gonna be the best :)

Well, I love you all and hope you're all doing well!!!!
Becca :)