Tuesday, June 9, 2015

setting apart

Tonight at 7 pm, Becca was set apart by stake president David Goff to be a missionary.  President Goff said that his favorite thing to do - besides going home teaching with Paul - is setting apart missionaries.  In addition to our immediate family, she had several friends in attendance: Fiona Jackson, Michael Johnson, Sean Muse, Tia (from SunPlay pools and spa), and Anna Stucki (with Jordan Allen stopping by after she was set apart.)
The meeting began with a hymn ("I Know that My Redeemer Lives") and then Paul said the opening prayer.  President Goff went around the room and let everyone say a few words to Becca - things they admired about her or words of advice.  Then he shared three scriptures that were the keys to being a successful missionary.  (They talked about obedience and the Holy Ghost.)  All of the Melchizedek priesthood holders were invited to participate in the circle when she was set apart (but afterwards she was instructed to hug her dad and give everyone else a handshake!)
President Goff gave her a beautiful blessing.  Although she is not required to learn a foreign language, Becca was blessed with the gift of eloquence of speech.  She was also given every right, power and authority to this calling including personal revelation.  She will have a great love for the people.  As she follows the rules and is obedient, she will be protected.  She will be given sensitivity to the Spirit and be able to share her testimony with a great number of people in the four corners area.  (Interestingly, President Goff mentioned Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico specifically, but left Arizona out.)  She was also reminded that she will be out for a short time, so make the most of it.
We came home to take-out from ABC Mandarin (sesame chicken, strawberry chicken, sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, and green beans with shrimp).  Paul picked up Andeline Beishline, and they joined Becca, Michael and Sean for a game of Life Stories.  Michael returned the empty bowl to claim his refill of caramel popcorn, so I made a batch while they played.  (Becca said she had at least 5 requests for her famous caramel corn today, but only Michael had the bowl with a promise for more.)
It was hard to say goodbye to Sean, and more than a few tears were shed by both, but they stuck to a tender handshake.  David gave Rebecca a father's blessing and she went to bed as she would need to arise early and finish packing.

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