Thursday, June 11, 2015


I am constantly amazed at the generous support from so many.  Today ward member Margaret Waterfall stopped by with a card containing a $100 bill.  She said how much she enjoyed Rebecca's missionary farewell a few weeks ago.  "Your enthusiasm and spirit guarantee a wonderful mission."

The widow Karen Miner stopped by last Sunday with a card and a $25 gift.  Her card stated, "Congratulations, you've joined the Lord's search and rescue team."

Our home teachers, Steve and Lori Pierce, had brought by a card containing $100.  In a hand written note they advised, "Good luck on your mission. We know you will be fabulous.  Remember to always look up and know where your source of strength comes from.  We will be praying for you."

Primary President Patti Browning brought by some of Rebecca's favorite scented hand lotions plus a gift of $200 - which Rebecca used to buy her garments and her raincoat - so Patti provided the means for Becca's spiritual and physical protection.  Patti also wrote in her card: "I am so proud of you!  You will be a wonderful missionary!  I know people will be drawn to you and investigate the gospel.  I am excited to hear about your adventures and you will be in my prayers.  Good luck Sister Cardon!"

Primary Pianist Maria Hansen brought by a card "to wish you joy in your service and success in all you do".  She also included two $50 bills.

Neighbor Deb Allred brought by some gum and chocolates with a note: "I am so excited and proud of you.  You will be an amazing missionary. ... I will be thinking and praying for you while you serve."

Sweet sisters Katie and Rachel Berghout gave Becca a card with the following words of wisdom penned inside: "Trust in the Lord and let Him change you and help you as you help and change the lives of everyone you meet!"

And then there is grandma Jackie.  Not only did she supply Rebecca with music for her mission, but she gave her lavender oil when Becca couldn't find hers.  On the way to the MTC, grandma noticed Becca's Captain America watch.  It wasn't very Sister missionary like, but Rebecca had lost the red watch we just bought at WalMart.  So grandma brought out her whole watch collection and told Becca to pick one.  Rebecca selected a pretty brown band with a gold face that had large, easy-to-read numbers.  Jackie commented that she had just been wearing that watch on Sunday and Daisy Schellenberg has one just liked it.  So whenever Becca checks the time, she can think of family!

Sue Huber was quick to respond to Rebecca's need for cash to buy exercise clothing for the MTC.  She went right over to Becca's bank account in Rexburg, Idaho and deposited $50 - same day service!

There are so many people who have given support in other ways - gifts of time and words of encouragement - that it would be impossible to list them all.  However, know that this support makes a huge difference and we are very appreciative of it all.

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