Tuesday, June 23, 2015

First E-mail from the Field

Well folks, I made it to New Mexico!!!! And I love it SO much so far!  We had crazy travel things that happened yesterday that included 2 delayed flights, but everything worked out in the end.  And I LOVED talking to everyone yesterday!! I wish we could have talked longer, but the focus is back on the mission.  Our mission president and his wife and assistants picked us up yesterday and gave us pepperoni and green chile pizza.  Green chile is a huge thing out here.  And it really wasn't too bad!  So take that all you people who said I wouldn't be able to handle it! ;) (Sean... I'm looking at you) But we ended the evening with more food (taco salad kind of deal) and a testimony meeting.  The people I came out with are so strong.  I have so much to learn from them.  The Sisters stayed the night in the mission home (it was SO nice being in a normal home!  Something that won't happen again for the next 18 months since we'll be in RV's, trailer homes, and such from here on out.  But then this morning we got together with all the trainers, had an orientation, and were assigned companions.  My companion, Sister Jessee, is seriously the cutest and happiest person I think I've ever met!  She LOVES the people around her and it shows.  We were able to go to Costa Vida for lunch (BLESSINGS!!!!!) and she saw 3 people from previous areas and instantly was bringing up conversation and you could just tell how much she cared for them and how much they loved her in return.  I hope to pick that up from her, I just hope it won't be too hard for me.  Oh!! And a sweet, sweet lady bought our lunch for us since we were missionaries!  It was the coolest thing and kindest thing ever!
But in short, I'm doing well, and I love this area already.  I've been assigned to Shiprock New Mexico which is on the reservation.  AH! :D There are only 3 areas for the sisters to be on in the reservation and I'm lucky enough to start out there!! For mail, it's suggested to send to the actual house I'll be in rather than the mission office because they have to pay the forwarding fees.  But no biggie if you do send there.  The address is PO 3013 Shiprock New Mexico 87420.  
But I've gotta go, we're going to our little trailer house now and I get to enjoy the heat and being in the middle of no where.  I love it so much :) Grass is nonexistant here... it's weird seeing it now, even though I've only been here a day.  But I love you and can't wait to hear from you!!!!!!
Becca :)

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