Sunday, June 28, 2015

family council

It's Sunday night and we are sitting around the big table talking.  Our newest tradition is to pass around a sheet of paper for each of the kids to write a note to Becca in the mission field.  Some talk about their week (Did my first RAMP day at Treehouse.  We had almost 2,000 people!  It was quite the day.  love, Amy)  Some talk about noteworthy events (Walter puked. - Julia; mom's additional note: Don't feed the dog hot dogs!)  Others mention recent accomplishments. (We got a new game.  It is Rock Band.  Paul is good at singing. - Marilee) While others give advice (Give some flowers to Sean. - Emma)  One keeps a historical record.  (Paul embellishes when reading your emails.  For example: "The people I came out with are so strong."  The elders are buff.  They're lifting 200 pounds.  Even the sisters are lifting 180!  Ooo, I found a typo.  I'll fix it for her. ... "Grass is non-existent here ... " (da, da, da - sound effect) I hope Becca keeps those letters coming.  We find them entertaining!

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