Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Elder Schellenberg

It's fun serving in the same mission with your cousin's cousin!  Elder Schellenberg was actually Becca's zone leader for a time.  This picture (taken at church on June 26, 2016) is courtesy of the mission mom, Cherie Adams.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Exciting week, but not... all at once.

Okay, so I was trying to figure out all the exciting things that happened this week, and I realize that my list is pretty short.  It was a really good week - we exceeded all our weekly goals except for maybe one or two, but at the same time it was just an extremely normal week.

We started exchange life again.  This time around was with Holbrook Sisters - Sisters Monson and Millard.  They are fantastic human beings.  Sister Millard and I had a lot of fun listening to music together.  We're both huge music people and it was so great having someone that understood the pain we feel as we can't listen to all the music we used to be able to.  Or even just not having access to more church music so we can switch things up.  It was a good 24 hours together.

Sister Chee agreed to come to a lesson with us on Tuesday!!! We're excited to get her involved in the missionary life.

Bernell and Nichole are doing SO well!! ...they just need to decide to be married... We're praying hardcore for them to make a decision soon.

...Really, I feel like that's it from this past week... it really didn't have a ton of out of the ordinary experiences.  We're just feeling blessed every day.  

I love you all, and hope you're doing well!

Best present of my life!

I totally forgot to take a picture of the front of it, but it's a painted "C-A-R-D-O-N" with animals and rainbows and such making up the letters (the kind of art you get at a theme park or something.  Super bright and cute) and then on the back are notes from all the Chee's.  It melted my heart like nothing else.  Don't tell my future husband, but we might have to keep my last name forever just so I can hang this up all my days ;)

Sunset drives = magical :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Message from Deb:
Hi moms,
We are [having] dinner at my home [in] Gallup.  Sister Millard is a beautiful girl and it goes without saying so is Sister Cardon.

Monday, June 20, 2016

an hour later...

Literally just spent an hour sending off pictures this week.  I hope you enjoy them!!! 

Highlights, as seen in pictures, were the Sister Missionary Conference, and I got to do a FHE with Bishop Kelly's family from Aztec 1st ward!!!! That was a huge blessing.  I LOVE that family so much.  And that area.

We took a selfie with President Adams.

We cleaned a LOT.  One time was for a non member, which was cool.  She had scriptures playing to song.  It was interesting.  Then we cleaned for a widow less active.  

I cut hair a LOT this past week!  What a joy :D  I did the Chee girl's hair and then Deb's.

Sister Brown and I did an intense Zone Training.  We used an analogy of making snickerdoodles to show how we need to have daily contact with investigators.  We literally made snickerdoodles during our training.  It was the greatest.  Every time someone made daily contact, they got to put a cookie on the cookie sheet.  Then once they had a dozen, they evaluated with us, then the investigator was "baptized" (put in the oven) and still checked on to  make sure they made it to the temple.  It was really nifty how it all came together!  And delicious to boot! :D

We had a picnic with the Relief Society!  ... like, no one showed up, but we still had fun playing games with about 12 people! :D  

WE SAW BELINDA!!! #miracle.  She's doing well, we hope to have a lesson with her soon.

Faith and Kim LOVED girls camp!!!!!!! And now we have all the Young Women praying that Kim will have courage to go through with her interview and be baptized before August 5th, when the youth have their overnight temple trip.  So we're all praying so hard!!!!

Funny experience, the Chee girls were trying to remember how the Mormon Boy song went, and we were giving service to our less active person at the time.  Sis Brown was talking to the lady and I was messing with the girls, jogging their memory, and then I got scolded for not being serious during the cleaning by the lady we were cleaning for.  It wasn't funny in the moment, but now I can kinda laugh about it.  It was awkward.

Well.... I'm so out of time right now, but that's about it from me!  I love you all SO much and hope you enjoy the pictures I actually took this week!!!

Sunday night entertainment

guess what it is!

a 3D puzzle!

LOTS of pictures today!!

We have lots and lots of pictures to send today!  So, get ready!!!! :D

Snow white life at its best :)  I didn't really know Sister Brown was taking a picture, so this is just real life ;)

Then the gross bug from 2 weeks ago that ate its own leg.  Nasty.

When I'm bored...

Apparently I rearrange all of my pictures, put up new ones, and make mickey mouse pancakes.  Such a good life :)

gold fish and a car ride home

this is what happens when I read the Book of Mormon with Gold Fish in hand...

CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!! :D #missioncrush

THANK YOU Alex and Erika for such a wonderful belated birthday and 1 year mark present!!!! It was such a joy putting this guy together :)  I felt like I was in Rexburg with Legos surrounding me once again :)

When you only have missionary supplies and a fun new lego toy.... We were laughing and certainly having fun :)

hehe :)
Yes, I'm a 2 year old :) but that's what makes life fun!

Captain looks good there in Salt Lake... :D I'd marry him there ;)


We chopped Sister Brown's hair!!! She came out with luscious, super long hair... now she's got shoulder length hair and bangs!  It's super cute on her :)
Then we braided a double waterfall into her hair.  She was darling :)  Like she always is!

Cosmetologist: Missionary Style

Gotta love a tag and an apron!!! Best life EVER!

random yard decor...

who can resist having that in their front yard??

Selfies with President and Sister Adams!!!

Hahaha, it was the greatest.

You should have seen how many tries this took.... haha, it was so good

MTC comps for life!


Oh my goodness, I LOVED seeing all of my former companions!!!! It was such a treat :)  Sister Ledford is still such a goof, and Sister Nielsen and I couldn't help but do a #AztecSwag.  One day, the sweatshirt I'm wearing will actually be mine and not Sister Ledford's.  Man, such good memories were remembered as we all got together!

Gorgeous Sisters :)

Look at that Gorgeous Sister Nielsen... Man, how I love her!! :D

And then all the Sisters from Potato Land! aka - Idaho (Bri and Chelsea, I hope you read these emails.  That was for you. And any other Disney person that knows the short Potato Land).  Yes, they are seriously holding a potato.  Haha, I love them.


I couldn't decide which one was better... I love them all :)

Posterity :)

All the Sisters I've trained!  Oldest to youngest :)  I love these girls with ALL my heart and soul!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

evening with Deb

(taken from a text message Deb sent to Linnea)

"She is such a sweet girl.  We had dinner, played a rousing game of go fish and slap jack with my son and then she cut my hair.  The sisters are wonderful!"

hike :)

The picture of the tree and the water - my FAVORITE!!!! I wish I had a phone or computer that I could use it was my background on.  I'm thankful I took the awkward 2 seconds to stop and take that picture.  
Then it's back to driving a jeep life for a day!! That was weird.  I like our trucks.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sisters Conference (posted by Sister Adams)

Monday - Tuesday we had a Sisters Conference in Farmington. The theme being: "There is sunshine in my soul!" We all felt so blessed to be together and feel the sunshine in our souls! So moms and family...have fun finding your beautiful daughters or sisters, our New Mexico Farmington sister missionaries, in these pics!

This pic is hard to see all their cute faces. We had an early morning hike on the river trail.
Another stop for pics on the hike!

hike part 2

All of the Sisters!!! Plus President and Sister Adams :)  

And this is how you feed a bunch of missionary Sisters for breakfast.  keep it light, and organic :)  We LOVE healthy food :) (you could argue we have Capri Suns, but they're organic as well! ;))

more pictures from a very special day!

Sister Missionary Conference

The Sister Missionary Conference was SO GOOD!!!!! We got to stay with Aztec 1st Sisters and it was a BLAST!  Hahaha, I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time.  Sister Baldock is just the greatest :)  As well as Sisters Prichard and Ledford and Brown.