Monday, April 25, 2016


THIS IS MARY!!!!! She is 99 years old and a trooper!  She is seriously the sweetest lady of my life.  She isn't a member of the church, but she LOVES the Book Of Mormon!

A few more pics forwarded from Sister Madalyn Hillam with the note: You are incredible! Thank you for all that you do Talk to you soon!

More ice cream.... :) But this one was from an investigator friend

even more pictures

Since Sis. Flake is leaving, I'm stealing old pictures from her camera

Here's another picture from the hike I'm stealing from Sister Flake
Ice cream adventures :)
Fun fact - our Ward Mission Leader owns a gas station and we get free ice cream/free anything we want from the gas station any time we want :)

6 months for Sis Flake!!

We made crepes for breakfast to celebrate!  It was the greatest :)  

Then the funniest picture of my life... Elder Brown (the one on the right) is my favorite there

Let's Begin!

Alrighty, so the biggest news - I'm training again!!!! I'll be here in Gallup and will pick up the new missionary tomorrow morning.  So, address is still the same at 
447 Dee Ann Ave 
Gallup, NM 87301

I'm excited and super nervous to train again.  The previous times I've trained I've known the area like the back of my hand and went on just a few exchanges with Sisters that were close by.  Now I'm in a new area, and go on 4 exchanges a transfer and those exchanges include 4 hours in the car almost every day.  It's rough... so we'll see how this goes!

This past week we gave a LOT of service.  We went to the food pantry tuesday and wednesday, and then I helped a school teacher color a game she's making for her students, then we helped clean and organize a house, then we helped someone move in.  It was pretty great :)

Other super funny thing - our investigators didn't all come to church last week.  Only the parents did.  Then when we had our lesson with them on Wednesday we found out that everyone had their phones taken away because of it.  Even the 6-year-old lost privileges.  These people aren't even members and they're disciplining their kids for not going to church.  It was the greatest thing ever.

Aaaannnddd... yeah, just had a scary experience with a guy here at the library.  I was writing out emails and stuff and he turned my chair around and started talking with me and telling me to email his daughter... Then he started bashing on priests because I said I could only email so many people through this account.  .... It was a little sketch.  Thankfully, a security guard was nearby and helped out a little.

Kay, I'm gonna keep this email short and sweet.  Cause I can't think right now with the stresses of transfers and stuff.  

I love you all!!! SO MUCH!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

moving Deb in

Got a picture and a text message:

Hi my name is Deb and your beautiful daughter helped me move into my home tonight.  She wants you to know that she will be training a brand new missionary starting Tuesday.  She wants you to know she loves you.  Please call me anytime, it would be my pleasure to watch over her for you.

Monday, April 18, 2016


My accomplishment this week :) Poached egg creation.  It actually turned out!  I was pretty excited.

Random Nachos our Zone Leaders gave us on Monday.  We weren't home, so they just put it on a brick on our doorstep instead of in our mailbox like they usually do.  It made me laugh.
Then I finally caved... I put pictures above my desk.  Up until this point in the mission, I've only ever put up inspirational quotes.  So, this is different, but it hasn't been too bad yet
By the way, it snowed!!! Both Saturday and Sunday we woke up to a few inches of snow... it was crazy.
And then here's a little bit of the package from the Hubers! :D

Where has time gone???

Oh my word, this transfer has flown by so far!!  Thank goodness it's a 7 week transfer, so I have at least one more week here in Gallup with Sister Flake.  

Things that have happened lately....

WE FINISHED EXCHANGES FOR THE TRANSFER!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! We now have one normal week of missionary work and then we start the madness all over again.  Through exchanges, I've learned that I really need a gps.  Cause I get lost a LOT.  Like, it's ridiculous how often I get lost.  I miss my smart phone for that reason.  And the Gospel Library App... but we won't go into that.  I managed to miss the exit for our meeting place this past week.  We made it 3/4 of the way to Joseph City instead of 1/2 way like planned.  Thank goodness Sister Flake and Knapp saw us passing them on the other side of the interstate!  They called us immediately and we turned around at the next exit.  Exchange life... it's an adventure every week.

Exchange Miracle though - We put two people on date for baptism!!!! YAY!  They're working towards June 25th now.  Super exciting :)  Shirley is on top of everything like none other.  We described the Joseph Smith experience to her and she instantly felt the Spirit and knew that it was true.  SO GOOD!  I love missionary life for moments like these.

I got to cut hair again!  Sister Knapp and a less active.  Twas good :)  I'm cutting another missionary's hair today as well.  Gotta love having those skills!

Sister Flake was sick with migraines/throwing up all day on Friday.  So that translated into me making the house absolutely spotless (seriously, I deep cleaned the place), getting through a TON of Personal Progress Value Experiences (at this point I only have to do one V.E. every week for the next 35 weeks of my mission and then one project a month then I'll have completed Personal Progress by the time I go home!!!! I hope I'll finish sooner, but we'll see), I read a bunch of conference talks, and listened to my entire collection of music... again.   I really need new stuff.  But when all was said and done, we're both SO thankful for Priesthood blessings!!! Sister Flake was basically living at the foot of the toilet from 1:00-7:00 and then right after her Priesthood blessing she was able to sleep and relax.  It was a miracle, and I know that God is definitely taking care of us.

Also, I got the best package of my life from Grandma and Grandpa Huber this past week!  They sent me some of Grandpa's granola!!!!! Oh, I about died.  It's seriously a treasure now.

And I successfully made a poached egg!  I was super proud of myself. PLUS!   I have a new super healthy recipe book from a former investigator we randomly had a lesson with this past week!  I'm so dang excited for it.  We've had a transfer of making desserts, this coming transfer will probably switch over to trying out healthy things.

Funny story - Remember the Pumpkin Buttercake stuff that I obsess over?  We gave some to our Zone Leaders and it is now called Pumpkin Crack.  See, I'm not the only one that thinks it's divine.  

And ... yep! That's about the highlights of the week!  Things are going wonderfully.  Mission life is the greatest :)

I love you all!!!

the mission tour in Chinle AZ

We had a wonderful mission tour with Elder and Sister Corbridge April 7-8, 2016

picture posted by Sister Adams (Becca is on the front row, 2nd from the right)

Monday, April 11, 2016

injured, but well :)

I killed my knee while we were on exchanges in Farmington.  It's super bruised and hurts a lot, but it's all good.  I missed a 2 inch step on our way in to the apartment.....

And then I was just amazed at the number of mission vehicles at the mission office on Thursday... so I took a picture.  It's got like 1/3 of the cars in the picture.

Elder Corbridge and Vanilla Moose :)

The perk of only having 6 Sister Training Leaders in the mission?? SISTER PICTURES!!!!! We got to take a picture with Elder Corbridge of the first quorum of the 70!  He was fantastic! :D  I definitely learned lots

And then, Farmington trips always require a Vanilla Moose run :)  I love that place way too much.

10 months down!

To celebrate my 10 month mark, we made my favorite dessert in all the world!  Gooey Pumpkin Buttercake!!!!!!  Oh my goodness... it's to die for!  And this time around it didn't land on the floor! ;)  So so so so so delicious!
Then for the "candle" we used a toothpick.... yeah... #missionarylife

Bang, bang

I have bangs now!!!! 
Super exciting, spontaneous life decisions.  

Another busy week has come and gone...

Hello, hello!
So, this week has been pretty great.  We were pretty busy with various things like exchanges, teaching, and listening to church leaders.  It was fantastic :)
Beginning of the week - We started with exchanges with Farmington Sisters.  That translated into a LOT of driving.  Holy Hannah.... we were in the car for forever and a day this week.  But it was good times in the car!  I managed to write some letters, and we listened to the Priesthood session of conference that happened last weekend.  It was SO GOOD!!!!! oh my word, **why** can't Sister Missionaries listen to the Priesthood session as it is going on live?? Cause that was amazing.
During the exchange I also managed to bang up my knee pretty badly.  I missed a 2 inch step and completely biffed it.  It's now pretty bruised and scabbed over.  Kneeling down for prayers .... yeah, that didn't happen for a while.  I felt weird sitting, but kneeling hurt a bit too much.  But I'm mostly back to normal now! :D
We got Vanilla Moose this week.  That's always a highlight :)  AND we got Costa Vida!!!! Still obsessed with those two places :)  This past week maybe wasn't my best in the healthy eating department... Cause we totally got Panda Express as well after a long drive... and a DQ blizzard.... yeah..... tis a good life
We had the privilege of listening to Elder Corbridge of the 70 this past week!!! That was awesome.  It required a drive to Farmington and then a drive to Chinle the next day, but it was worth it :)  We definitely learned LOTS :)  And we're trying to implement the things we learned into our missionary work.  Like explaining the "why" of the gospel whenever we teach.
Then this past Saturday and Sunday we went to Stake Conference. That was amazing.  We learned a lot about families and how to strengthen them and faith and stuff.  It was so good.
I now have bangs!  It's super exciting!  And I'm loving them so far :)  I also cut Sister Flake's hair, but it was simply a trim so it wasn't a huge change or anything like that.  Man, I love cutting hair.
I also rededicated myself to Personal Progress.  I have a plan for how I'm going to finish by the end of my mission and it's going to be wonderful. 
And yeah... that's about our week!  I hope all of you are enjoying life and staying strong!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Love always,

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello, Hello!!

Helloooooo Family and Friends!
This week has felt like 20 weeks in one.  There was SOOOO much that happened!

Let's start with the beginning...

Monday found us in St Michael's practicing a musical number we were performing for Zone Conference that Wednesday.  Miraculously, everything pulled together with a practice and a half.  The song went well, the different parts were heard, and the piano worked out.  Life was good :)  There were quite a few people that said that Come Thou Fount was their favorite song and they highly enjoyed the musical number.  Accomplishment: We even got Sister Flake to join in the song.  Twas good :)

Monday - Tuesday was exchanges with Sister Hillam.  She's amazing.  Such a sweetheart.

Wednesday found us at Zone Conference.  Monday - Wednesday morning we **slaved** over our truck, trying to make it spotless for vehicle inspections at Zone Conference.  It was spotless beyond belief.  Then, we realized that we overlooked the tire pressure... so we didn't win.  I'm not bitter.... maybe.... I just really want to win... :P

We sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again to Elder and Sister Jensen.  Saddest moment of my life!!!!! Oh my gosh, I love those two with all my heart and soul!!!! I was asked to conduct the song, and I had tears going down my face the entire time.  Man... it's a good thing they live in Utah, so I'll see them again.

Wednesday - Thursday was exchanges with Sister Westover.  She's amazing as well.  

Friday... we did a service project!  We helped repaint some of the local park!  It was super fun :)

Saturday was General Conference!!!!!! Oh my goodness, it's better than Christmas!  I loved the messages that were given!  It would take me hours to give you my notes for everything, so just know that it was incredible and if you haven't watched it yet, you NEED TO!  Such a spiritual uplift.

Sunday was Conference once again.  Still just adored it.

And then we're to today!  We went on a hike in the morning, hence why I'm emailing a lot later than usual.  It was beautiful.  Though, I probably will be very burnt tomorrow.  Good thing I have aloe!  Thanks Sunplay Pool and Spas ;)  Adventure of the morning though, I didn't have shorts that I could do a group hike in, so Sister Flake and I hit up the local Good Will and bought two pairs of jeans for me.  We then proceeded to chop off the ends of one pair with little kids scissors found in the church library.  It was quite the event haha.  #missionmemories.  At least they're super comfy.

Aaaannndddd... that's about it.  Life is good.  I'm loving being a missionary.  And God is great.  

I love you all!!!!

Sweet potato pie.  It was DELICIOUS!

Gallup New Mexico Zone Conference

One more I forgot to post. Meet elder and sister Lowe. (Left) They will be taking over as secretary and the responsibilities regards to vehicles in the mission. The Jensen's on the right will have finished their mission the end of April. Words cannot do justice in thanking them for their service in this mission. All of our missionaries are going to miss them immensely. Change can be hard but we are sure excited for the Lowes to serve with us.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Indian Names

Thinking of my little White Bear in New Mexico today.  She comes from a family of Afraid of Bear, Red Wolf, Chokecherry Rabbit, Chokecherry Dog, Yellow Horse, Kills Woman, Runs against Dog, Thunder Bear, Sitting Buffalo, and Jumping Pipe!

Cherie Adams Hey I am white bear too. Sister Cardon and I have the same special day!

Holly Dallas-Brown lol I am Little Nothing