Monday, August 29, 2016

such an EXCITING week!!!!

First off, transfer news. 

I'M WITH SISTER LEDFORD AGAIN!!!!! :D Repeated companion in the mission - Check!  I'm excited beyond belief.  Sister Ledford was the 2nd missionary I trained, and now I get to train her on being a STL.  I'm SOOOOOO excited!!! I get to be in a STL companionship, and it's sounding like a dream!  No getting used to a new companion cause we already know each other, we can talk about the Sisters we're serving without holding back information, and we get to drive down to MLC together, and just be the best companionship in all the world.  AH! :D I'm just giddy!! :)  This transfer will be "DA BEST!!!!" - Quote from Shane, our recent convert from Aztec

So, mailing address will stay the same at
P.O. Box 203
St. Michael's, AZ 86511

Also, my first trainee, Sister Nielsen, was called as a STL too!!!! It's going to be a party at MLC every month!!!! :D

News from this week in random order, cause I forgot my sticky note with highlights on it once again... 

I bought a blanket at the flee market and I'm **obsessed** with it now!  It's super soft, and the greatest thing of my life.  You can see it in the picture I sent of us crocheting.

We helped the relief society make quiet books on Wednesday.  Sister Porter and I sorted out buttons... it wasn't the most exciting moment of my life... but we laughed as we put some buttons in our eyes and looked like the movie Coraline.  It creeped me out, not gonna lie.

We had a crazy hail storm Sunday morning!!! Sister Porter and I couldn't sleep during the night, then right at 5:30 we heard the LOUDEST thing of thunder ever!  I'm never scared of thunder, but that one had me a little scared.  It was quite the event.

Oh, I went on exchanges again on Monday - Tuesday.  I was with Sister Woods.  Love her so much.

Aaaannnddd... yeah.  We've had a few exciting experiences with the Elders this past week (they say hello by the way).  We had a transfer "party".  We opened up our bottle of apple peach cider and shared some with them after we got transfer news.  Then we had breakfast with them.

OH!  Our Stake President put on a steak dinner for the missionaries in the zone this past week!  The steak was as big as my plate.  And I ate it all.  #foodcomafordays!  It was topped with a slice of pie, corn and beans.  Soooo much food!

And yeah, that's about it I think.  I hope all of you are doing well!!! I LOVE YOU! Stay tuned for Cardon and Ledford Adventures PART 2! :D

Sister Cardon

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