Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey There!

Okay, so forgive me, but I forgot to write a sticky note with a list of things that happened this week, so it's gonna be a little scatterbrained today.

I CHOPPED WOODS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!! :D We actually got to do it twice this week!  The first time we were prepared in our service clothes and everything.  Then the second time it was last minute so we got to chop wood in our skirts.  We still looked pretty boss ;)  I'm sore a wee bit, but that's okay!  I'm definitely working on all those life skills out here.  If the zombie apocalypse happens, I'll at least be warm :)

We also weeded a ton.  I should have taken before and after pictures, cause it was night and day difference.  Even more life skills - check!

Paul's in the MTC! Crazy sauce.  There was a precious moment in my interview with my mission president this past week.  I was interviewed the same day Paul was going into the MTC, and of course that was mentioned.  Well, President Adams got a little teary eyed as we talked about it, and how my family now has two missionaries out. And then in the closing prayer he prayed for Paul specifically.  It was so special.  I truly love my mission president.

We had a super spiritual zone training this past Thursday!  We learned lots and practiced lots. The part us mission leaders were worried about was the council at the end of the meeting.  In the last MLC in Farmington, President Adams came up with the idea of the mission doing 12 week training again as a mission.  Lots of people have negative opinions of 12 week.  Cause, not gonna lie, it's awful going through it during the first part of your mission.  I didn't like it until I was called to train and did it over again.  So we knew the thoughts on the program, so we knew that through this council we would need to have it be where the missionaries came up with the idea themselves.  I was asked to lead the council, since I knew where the end result needed to go.  So we started with asking the question "how do we become a miracle mission"  then we established a plan to accomplish our ideas.  Then I had to pause everything and tell everyone to stop and without saying a word or having any reaction to consider my next suggestion.  I then suggested doing 12 week as a zone to relearn how to be a missionary.  I pointed out that this is a program the 1st Presidency of the Church have put together to teach missionaries to be successful missionaries.  After 30 seconds of silence and pondering, everyone agreed to do it and said it was a good idea.  That's when we broke the news to them that this was actually something the entire mission would be doing together and that they'd be reporting their progress to President Adams every week.  But it was so amazing to see how everyone agreed to the same conclusion President Adams had come to.

We almost got stuck in the mud!That was exciting.  Our truck was slipping and sliding and stopped moving for a little while, but it was good. We survived without needing to call the vehicle coordinator.

I'VE BEEN ADOPTED INTO A CLAN!!!!!!!! Finally!!!! I've waited my entire mission for this moment.  I'm now part of the Destchin Apache Clan, or in other words the Bear Clan.  I am brave, loyal, and something else.  I'm so excited.  Now when I give my homecoming talk, or any talk for that matter, I can introduce myself with my clan.  SO GOOD!

I also accidentally kicked an Elder this week... oops.  They were coming at S. Porter and I with a big bug... so in self defense, I kicked him.  But it wasn't a hard kick!  I caught myself halfway through the kick so it was pretty gentle.

Also, happy international friendship day!!!!!!! :D Yesterday.  Sorry I'm a day late.

And that's about it from me!  Sorry I can't think of other highlights off the top of my head.  I love you all!!!!
Becca :)

ps - Quote I love - "We will never be prompted by the Holy Ghost to do something we cannot do."

pps - It's super humid right now... I feel like I'm in Florida again.


  1. So instead of Brother Bear I can call you Sister Bear?

  2. Yes. Most definitely. that's my people now - Rebecca Cardon