Monday, September 5, 2016


Oh my goodness gracious, I cannot say enough how thankful I am to be with Sister Ledford again!!! She is amazing beyond belief. We've gotten so much done!! Miracles have been happening left and right!  Like the first full day we were back together, we found a new GOLDEN investigator and then her less active mother who lives next door.  And we're getting to know the ward members individually super quickly, and our member missionary work has improved and will continue to improve!  We're gonna make this place like Aztec/Flora Vista!  Just watch :)  It's so great since both of us experienced the glory of Aztec together, and know what an ideal area can be like, so we have a clear goal in mind.  We're also going to try to repeat what my cousin Val did in Finland and hand out 100 copies of the Book of Mormon with testimonies in them in a week this transfer. If any companionship I've had on the mission can do this, Sister Ledford and I can. We're so excited.  We're really hoping that we'll be able to involved ward members through all this and get them excited for missionary work.  We called our mission president to see what the mission record was for BOM's handed out in a week, and he said they probably didn't have one set... so we're gonna set it! :D   

We've also been doing a lot of prepping for the Navajo Nation Fair.  This has consisted of us painting trees white... and it takes a lot longer than you'd think. You never know how many tiny branches are on a tree until you have to paint them.  But dang, they look GOOD!  Our booth's theme is temples/family history work.  So we've also been making our little My Family books look amazing.  I've inserted pictures, and done all sorts of fun stuff with it.  And I'm loving it.  We're so excited for this Fair.  It's a HUGE deal down here.  I've been told I will never see so many natives in one place.

Oh!  Shoutout to all the birthdays happening September 7th!!! Happy Birthday to Mom, Ben, and Tylor Coen!  I love you all.  What a blessed day to have such amazing people born on it.

... That's like... mostly it.  Our time has been consumed by Fair stuff and getting to know members.  Oh!  I played organ in Sacrament Meeting yesterday! That was exciting :)  I only messed up once!  ... I forgot to push the little button to automatically play the next verse.  But it was all good!  It let everyone else in the congregation laugh for a second.

Well, I love you all so much!!!!

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