Monday, August 15, 2016

Where did my companion go?

We've had a crazy day today.  We went in to Gallup for the first part of the day, and so we're emailing super late.  Sorry about that.  But we're back on track, and life is good!  Even better than usual because we got to go to Walmart today :)  Oh the joys of Walmart.  They have so much stuff!  Haha, I've totally taken it for granted my entire life.

So, this week was filled with lots of exchanges.  I was only with my companion about a day and a half total... But it was exciting!  I got to see the Sisters from Holbrook, and did the first half of the exchanges with Joseph City.  These Sisters in our mission are top notch!  Spiritual giants, every one.  I love them all so much.

Random Highlights of the week (cause my brain isn't working well enough to go in order of when they happened)- 

We discovered a way to "feed the missionaries"!  Who ever said that missionaries wouldn't be able to do that?  We have a Senior couple and then 2 sets of Elders that live by us, and we've fed them breakfast a few different times the past week.  They've enjoyed German Pancakes, waffles, and french toaststrada.  The great thing about it all is that I can use my normal recipes made for 10 people and then not worry about eating the same meal the next week because of all the leftovers. I love it.  Sweet and Sour Chicken might be coming up soon... :)

We went to Navajo Class!  So good.  Except for St. Mikes Navajo is different from Shiprock Navajo... it's taking a little getting used to.

We had a really weird experience on Sunday. Sister Porter's grandpa came into town and surprise visited us.  We got a call from the other ward's bishop telling us there was someone we needed to come see, and then ... Grandpa!  It was... weird.  But it was handled well at least.

12 Week as a mission is going well.  I'm honestly loving it.  We're figuring out hymns that go along with all our lesson points to make it more interesting. 

I'm in the kitchen a lot lately.  Recent creations are parmesan zucchini bread, all those breakfast things, pumpkin oatmeal cookies... we're enjoying ourselves over here :)  But still trying to stay healthy

Still crocheting.  My blanket is getting big!!!! :D  #success.

We've been traveling lots while going to and from exchanges.  I think I've spent ... 10+ hours in the car this week.  Too much.  But we'll have even more this week... maybe.  Eh, maybe half actually, cause it's just one Farmington trip and a trip to Gallup.

Quote of the week - "Repentance is moment by moment."

Aaaaannndddd... that's roughly it.  

OH! THANK YOU for the package from the Family Reunion!  The notes made me cry before I even got to reading them.  I LOVE IT!  Wow, I felt so special.  What a blessing it is to have SIX missionaries out from the Cardon Family right now!! #ProudToBeACardon!

I love you all so much!  And I hope everyone is doing well!

GUESS WHAT!!!! Fred from Flora Vista is being baptized on Saturday, and I GET TO GO!!!!!!!! :D I cried when President said I could.  Ah, I'm just so excited!  Fred is just the cutest cowboy of my life.  It should be an adventure!

I love you!

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