Monday, August 1, 2016

Another fantastic week!

Highlights of this week - SO MANY! 

First and foremost, Frank and Kim Chee were baptized on Saturday!!!! :D  And I got to go!  It was such a happy day :)  I love that family with ALL my heart!  Sister Brown and I and the Young Women did a musical number... that no one practiced... it was interesting.  I was singing so confidently on the 2nd verse, and then realized that I was so focused on sight reading the notes that I was still singing the words to the 1st verse.... oops.  It was a bit of a mess, but I think Kim still liked it.  

I also was majorly sunburned this past week!  But it's okay, cause it turned into a tan.  I'm working on "da Lord's tan" once again ;)  Soon, I will look Native.  Soon.

Sister Porter and I went to MLC this past week and took a different route to get there.  We went through Crystal... and oh my GOSH!  It was **GORGEOUS!!!!!**  There were mountains!  And trees!  And so many beautiful things!!!  I felt like I was driving through Provo canyon or something like that.

I received a priesthood blessing from President Adams this past week.  Oh my goodness.  I have such a testimony of the priesthood!  It works!  There is no doubt.  After the blessing I was immediately blessed with peace and joy and just a ton of comfort and confidence.  Life is good :)

I've officially taught a lesson in a Hogan!!!!! So good.  I feel like I've officially served on the Rez now.

We gave lots of service this week!  We collected tin cans around someone's property for them to recycle.  That was an adventure.  And then we helped our bishop's wife paint her new classroom almost all day Friday.  We had 3 sets of missionaries working on it, it was fun.

We had a linger longer after church yesterday... man, that was interesting.  It turned out well in the end, but before was a little bit of chaos.  Bishop came up to us last minute and asked us if we would make mashed potatoes.  He had the potatoes, but then we just needed to provide butter and milk.  So the Elders provided milk, and we provided butter, and we all made a massive batch of potatoes.  Poor Elders.  They didn't know how to make them... thank goodness Sister Porter and I did!  But we now all are professional mashed potato makers.  #lifeskills

Sister Porter and I had a bit of a movie night last night!  It was enjoyable :)  We pulled out Paul and Jacob's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Love that production.  We both had fun sitting in bed, eating popcorn, and kinda singing along to the music.  Good times.  I'm so thankful President Adams had approved that little film.

Aaaannnddd.... yep!  That's more or less our week!  It was an adventure.  We were thrown for a loop with MLC and super extended weekly planning, but it all worked out.  

I love you all!! Hope you're doing well!!

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