Monday, August 29, 2016

The good times are back!!

GUESS WHO MY NEW COMPANION IS!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!! 

SISTER LEDFORD!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

The Companionship of Miracles is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

We're gonna kill it here in St. Mikes together!!!! :D  I got to train her in the ways of normal missionary life, now I get to train her in the ways of being a STL as she was just called!  WE GET TO BE A STL COMPANIONSHIP!!!!!!! :D :D :D And guess what else?!  SISTER NELSEN WAS CALLLED AS AN STL TOO!!!!!! I"m gonna have friends at MLC! :D  I'm so giddy with excitement :)

PS I'm still waiting for the day I'm with Sister Scoffield.  But she was just released as a STL :( so the chances aren't too high right now.

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