Monday, July 27, 2015

To be a pioneer! (Or more like a Jaredite)‏

Hello Hello!
This week has been pretty great!  We did two exchanges this week and it was a little tiring, but SO much fun working with other Sisters!!!  AND I SAW SISTER SCOFFIELD!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D It was the happiest day ever!  We got to go out as a trio with Sister Jessee while Sister Campbell did her leadership stuff with Sister Breakall and is was just great!  Like the MTC all over again, but better because it was real life! And the people out there in St. Michael's are so ready for the gospel!  It was so amazing.

Funny/super awkward and I-don't-know-how-to-feel-about experience that happened while Sister Jessee and I were with Sister Breakall towards the end of the night - We found a guy that had been taught by the missionaries before.  He was so happy to have that spiritual direction in his life again as we visited and was so willing to come to church and work towards baptism.  Well, apparently his common law wife didn't feel the same.  As we were teaching this guy she didn't say a word.  Didn't sit, didn't shake our hands, just went about in the kitchen cleaning and back in the bedroom doing something.  Well... middle of our lesson comes around and she just leaves.  She had a backpack on, shoes in her hands, and just left.  The guy we're teaching gets up, checks the bedroom, and she had just packed her clothes and left the house!  Probably won't be coming back for a long time.  It was SUPER awkward, but he took it well.  He said that he needed to focus on church more than her anyways and went through their problems.... but ... we totally separated a relationship. #missionarylife.

Other fun events - we listened in to Marcus' (a recent convert) first priesthood blessing!!! It was amazing!

And Ludene is continuing to be a rock star!!!! She's half way through Alma now and still going strong!  And is so cute as we go to teach her a lesson then before we really get into it she teaches it all to us.  I LOVE HER!

We went on other exchanges as well where the Page Arizona sisters came to us in Shiprock. It was a fun 24 hours :)

And we got to be on a float!!!! For the 24th of July the ward put together a float and the missionaries were asked to be on it because we're white.  They needed white people to be the Jaredites.  So we wore bath robes and rode down the street.  It kinda hurt my heart as I had a ton of parade memories.  This parade was the saddest thing of my life.  Like 10 floats and maybe 100 people showed up to watch.  We just smiled and waved haha.

And we got to help with fry bread making!  Super fun :)

And HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO ANNELYSE! (I told you I would forget...)  You're the best :)  Have fun being old ;) I love you.

Well, I love you all and hope you're doing well!!!!!!!  Keep going strong :)
Becca :) 

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