Monday, August 3, 2015

Onward, ever onward!

Hello people in the Real World!!
So, this week has been kinda amazing.  And today is just craziness*, so I'll try to gather my thoughts, but I'm extremely scatter-brained and now forever grateful that I write notes throughout the week on what to write in my weekly email.

First off, we've had some extremely interesting conversations in our companionship this week.  During one of them, we came to the conclusion that I'm Wonder Woman.  I know absolutely nothing about Wonder Woman, but apparently that's my super hero.  They tell me that it's similar to a girl version of Captain America, so I'm alright with this.  

Another conversation had my future children being blessed in a Navajo prayer.  We were trying to do language study and one paper we have is a simple prayer we can say at a member's home.  It says that we're thankful for "Brother Yazzie and Sister Yazzie", bless them, thankful for their kindness, and bless their children.  Sister Campbell was saying the prayer and put in "Sister Cardon and Sister Jessee" and then continued with blessing our children.  So, my future children will be blessed :)

And I think marriage has just been a topic of the week or something, cause one of the best quotes of the week was from Sister Jessee when she said "Wow, I really do need to get married on my mission."  The sentence was trying to be "On my mission, I realized that I really do need to get married (later on in life)" but it didn't come out that way.  It made for a great moment :)

Other great events: Winnifred the mouse is back!!! But she didn't make her appearance in my bed this time around so things were much better.  We just don't know where she is currently and it's a little worrisome.

And this week was a hair week!!!! :D  I got to do 3 hair cuts and a color!  And the color was an ombre and it turned out GORGEOUS!!!! I love doing hair so much :)  Though, I might need to request some more hair supplies in the near future.

Investigator wise, we're down to only one person with a baptismal date now.  Lorita couldn't bring herself to fully live the law of chastity, but I have full faith that she will come around one day! :)  Ludene on the other hand is on fire!!!!! Holy Hannah, I love this lady so much!!! We went through the word of wisdom with her and she said that she was hit by the coffee, tea, tobacco, and alcohol, BUT she is SO willing to stop doing those things so she can move towards her baptism on September 12th!!! She is SO excited!!! And we're so excited for her as well :)

We also said farewell to our senior missionaries :(  The perkins are leaving us and going back to Kanab.  Sad day.

sadly I'm about out of time

But I hope you're all doing well!!!!! I love you all!!!!!!
Becca :)

*We've had the craziest day EVER!!!! Basically, nothing is going right and we had to drive an hour to Farmington to email today because internet on the Res isn't working for some reason.  

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