Monday, July 20, 2015

Two by two!!... wait....‏

Instead of teaching two by two, we are now teaching three by three!  It's an exciting adventure to say the least and we are definitely learning from each other.  I'm learning lots and lots and lots.
First impressions of Sister Campbell:  She reminds me a *lot* about our cousin Lauren Smith.  She's super smart, and loves animals, and loves Tumblr.  If you want to imagine her almost perfectly, imagine Lauren but without a sense of humor.  Sister Campbell is exactly obedient in everything and doesn't understand jokes.  It can be quite hilarious at times as we tease her.  She hates "worldly music" while on the mission, even singing random lines throughout the day.  I'm learning patience.
We performed a special musical number for Zone conference this week!  Sister Jessee played piano while I soloed and sang I Will Carry His Sheep.  And it went SO well!!!!! We were definitely blessed in that moment.  And Sister Bowler, the Sister that loves me immensely, has named me Julie Andrews from the experience.  My heart was extremely happy when she told me that :)

Highlights of this week:  We had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and it was so much fun!  I learned how to say I love you in 6 different languages and I learned how to say Captain America in Tongan.  Best day ever :)  But saying "I love Captain America"  is hard because apparently it doesn't use the same words I learned.  Language learning is tough.

We had two people accept the invitation to baptism this week!!!!!! it was the best thing EVER!!!! :D Ludene and Lorita are so ready for this gospel!!! And Ludene came to church!  She's gonna be the BEST person in the ward ever!
Another highlight, I got to wear pants for the majority of Wednesday!  YAY!  I love skirts, but I love my jeans as well.  We were painting a cabinet and building a 24th of July float.  Turns out the missionaries will be on the float this Saturday... ha, this will be fun :)  Hey!  Tell Holly to come to the 24th celebrations and find the fry bread stand!!!!  I'll be there perfecting my fry bread making skills :)  and they're actually getting pretty good if I do say so myself.
Random question, can someone send me some pirates league pictures?  I've been asked for proof of my work.
Also, the miracle package with the jelly beans and the ring?!????? HOW?????

I'm short on time, but I hope you all are doing well and keep going strong!
Love ya all!!!
Becca :)

PS No more big white truck :(
The jeep.... :(‏

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  1. Rebecca,
    I love your enthusiasm in your letters! We have a family with the last name of Jessee in our ward.…Spencer & Libby Jessee. I’ll have to ask if they know of a Sister Jessee in the Farmington, NM mission. So glad to hear that things are well!