Monday, July 20, 2015

Feast Upon the Scriptures

(email sent to all the Cardon cousins currently serving missions)
Today's missionary thought comes from our stake Sunday School president, Steve Krolak.  He was speaking in our Sacrament meeting about feasting upon the scriptures.  Now, there are lots of different eating styles that can apply to the scriptures.  Some people are nibblers - they like to taste a little of this or a bit of that, but they don't take very much.  Compare this to those people who read a verse a day...just to say they read something.  Others are of the fast food variety.  They need something that they can just "grab and go."  Anything that someone else has taken the time to prepare so that they don't have to.  Think of those people who go to Sunday school and listen to the lesson, but they don't take the time to read the assignments at home beforehand.  Then there are the binge eaters.  These people consume lots all at once, but will likely lose it later.  This would be like Paul reading 70 sections of the D&C all in one day.  He completed his seminary requirement, but how much of that information will stick with him.  The Savior didn't encourage us to snack, nibble, grab and go, or binge on the scriptures.  He invited us to feast on them.  Think of Thanksgiving.  The loving preparation for that feast begins days before hand.  There is lots of time and attention to detail.  The family all gathers together to bask in each other's company, to talk and converse one with another.  It is not hurried or rushed but savored and enjoyed.  This ought to be our goal - whether it be companion scripture study or family home evening.  We gather together to teach and to preach that all may be edified and learn from one another.
Russell M. Nelson said, "To feast means more than to taste.  To feast means to savor.  We savor the scriptures by studying them in a spirit of delightful discovery and faithful obedience." 

This week, let your soul delight in fatness!

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  1. Thats an awesome talk! Thank you so much for the inspiration Aunt Linnea!
    -- Elder Matthew Giliam