Monday, July 13, 2015

I made it the first month!!! :D

Let's celebrate!  I made it to the first month mark of the mission without being poisoned, held at gun point, or dying in general!  Hooray! :D  Sister Jessee and I had a little celebration the other day, pictures will be attached :)  This girl just makes me laugh.  She is crazy and I love her for it.  Fun fact!  She actually knows Slipper and the Rose!!!!! I about died when I figured this out!  NO ONE knows that show! :D

This week has been a pretty good one.  I guess you know you're adjusting to mission life when you're shocked when you realize that it's Monday.  The week just flew by!  If it continues this way, I'll be home in what feels like 2 months :)  (I'm secretly hoping for this.)

Biggest news - We're becoming a trio!  We're picking up Sister Campbell today and she'll be with us for at least the next 3 weeks.  We're super excited to be with her!  The only thing I really know about her is that she's a triplet, and they're all identical which is apparently super rare.  So it's like she's famous or something ;) 

We're beginning to learn the Navajo language!  It's beautiful, but we're just starting.  There's a lot of throat stuff and glottal stops and such.  And a lot of slurring, but you have to be precise in your slurring.  It's kinda difficult, but we will master a few words! I have faith in us.

It's been pretty rainy this past week, but nothing compared to Florida's amount of rain.  However, it's just enough to create a whole lot of mud!!!  The truck kinda slides around as I try to maneuver it and it's really sketchy but highly enjoyable as long as we continue to not crash into anything.  Walking in the mud is fun too!  My shoes get stuck and sucked into everything, and I almost lose them half the time, but for now I still have complete sets of shoes.  They're just really dirty.

We've also been being fed this past week!  Usually we fend for ourselves, but I think the ward now has a goal to get us fat.  We had two lunch dates, and yesterday we had two dinners.  I'll be buying lots and lots of vegetables today to try to counterbalance all the food we've been given.  But I'm still grateful for the people and their kindness.  They are all so awesome.

Okay, so fantastic people that we've met:  First there's the crazy fly killing lady.  In the 45 minutes we were in her home she killed at least 10 flies!  She just lies there on the couch while we talk at her and suddenly she's moving her fly swatter and gets the fly first try!  She's one of a kind. Her name is Sister Tso, but will forever be known as the crazy fly killing lady.  Then there's Ludene.  And in the week between visits she listened to the Book of Mormon from the *very* beginning to 2 Nephi 10!  I think I did that in a month in my studies.  And when we met with her she gave us the most detailed description of everything!  I think I only every truly understood the stories after watching a video of them like Liken and the Living Scriptures stuff.  Sister Jessee and I were just floored.  It was amazing!

And finally, fun facts.  Circle of Life is now one of my favorite songs.  We blast it a little and belt our little hearts out when it comes on.  MOTAB at its finest :)  And also!  I'm a Sister Missionary's favorite Sister somehow!  I don't know how I did it, but she *LOVES* me!  Sad thing is that she goes home after this transfer.  But after the one time I met her, I went to her top two Sisters.  And Sister Jessee was even her companion for a while.  Don't know how I did it, but it makes me smile :)  I think the fact that I gave her Costa Vida might help a thing or two.  She even wrote me a letter.  I'm just so confused and so happy about it at the same time.

But anyways, that's more or less what's happening over here in New Mexico!  I realized that I hadn't given out my mailing address in my email before, so if anyone wants to send something go to P.O Box 3013 Shiprock NM 87420.

I love you all and hope that you're doing well!!!! 
Sister Becca :)

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