Monday, May 30, 2016


Oh my heavens!  This week... I just can't even describe.  Actually, I can't describe this MONTH!  This has been an enormous testimony builder this month!!!!!!  ... I'll try to put it to words.

Here's a little thing I wrote to someone else trying to describe everything - 
"Oh my goodness, we had the biggest miracle of my LIFE this past week!  We had 3 baptisms!!!!! This family has been investigating the church for 2 years now and 3/5 of them just made the commitment and were baptized on Saturday!  Greatest experience of my life. Seriously though, it didn't come about without a TON of prayers and childlike faith.  We've been praying for this family the entire month of May and our district/zone was praying for them as well.  And we worked our tails off.  We were hoping for just 2, but then Heavenly Father blessed us with 3.  They didn't commit until the LAST week of the month!  It was crazy.  But I'm just so thankful that Heavenly Father helps us in the goals we set.  It was a scary month, because we knew we'd be accountable for the goal of 2 baptisms we set, but in the end it all worked out.  Even if there were moments of serious struggling.  Faith of a child is where it's at.  Heavenly Father is always there for us, no matter what."

Getting the Chee Family to baptism was the biggest exercise of faith I think I've had while on the mission. Like stated above, Sister Brown and I set the goal for 2 baptisms in the month of May and we didn't have a single person on date.  We set the goal because our mission president had told us that our zone would have 2 baptisms this month, and there wasn't a single person on date in the zone for May.  It was scary, but then President Adams went on to talk about having the faith of a child.  So we did.  We did everything we could, but then Satan also knew we were trying, so everything wasn't going according to plan.  The Chee's canceled on us... they didn't stay all 3 hours of church... all these super unusual things!  BUT!  then basically the last week of the month they agreed to be baptized!!!  ... Then President Adams said the twins couldn't be baptized without a parent... THEN SISTER CHEE AGREED TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness gracious..., Last week was a rollercoaster!  And it all ended well :)  I'm excited to go to MLC tomorrow and put up the number saying that we had 3 baptized in May instead of 2!  Miracles happen.  We just have to work and put our trust in the Lord.

Other highlights from the week- Sister Brown and I did a musical number at the baptism!  We sang Sister Chee's favorite song Nearer My God, To Thee.  We wanted to mash it with another one, but ended up Sister Brown singing soprano solo first first, me ALTO solo second verse (that's right!  I sang alto!  And I killed it.  I was pretty proud of myself)  then we came together singing our individual parts third verse.  It sounded amazing.  I now know a song in Alto!

We also had the FUNNIEST lesson of my life!  We took our ward mission leader to the Chee's lesson and he is hilarious.  We were crying from laughing so hard.  He demonstrated how to fake conducting by writing your name in cursive.  And then he just kept going.  I can't really describe everything in an email... just know that we're still laughing about it.  And you can maybe picture Brother Connell walking across the stage as he write his name while leading a song.  Haha, it was so good.  I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time.

We had our STL council!  It was so great :)  We planned out our upcoming Sister Conference and I'm so excited for it!!!!  There's also a possibility I'll get to teach a family in Aztec for a night!!! I would die from happiness if that were to happen.

We had a mix up and ended up having 2 dinners in one night this past week... man... that was a rough one, but we did it!

Arianna is on date now!!!! What a stellar 11 year old!!!

I got to cut some Elder's hair this past thursday before District meeting!!! That was super exciting.  THen we had some crazy trainings... some concerns that were brought up were that our "investigators" had a skinwalker in their closet and that one needed their cat to have a priesthood blessing.  We laughed, but we did learn a lot too!

And then we killed way too many wolf spiders this past week.  Sister Brown is pro.  I stand back and watch still..

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I'm about out of time, sorry.

Hope you have a great week!!

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