Monday, May 23, 2016

Hawaiian Roller-coaster Ride...

Oh... my... heavens!!! This weekend has been a major roller-coaster of emotions!!!! This week is feeling like 2 meshed into one. 

So, we finished all the exchanges that I'm in charge of!  So the next two weeks will just be mine and Sister Brown's exchanges with our STL.  Should be a bit of a relief!  Even if we have to drive into Farmington for it... But that's okay! :D

This week we put 4 people on date!!!!!!! SUPER excited!!! The Chee twins Faith and Kobe are on date for this Saturday!!!!!!!!! We're stoked out of our minds.  Our bishop called us on Sunday (my birthday) saying that he thought they were ready :)  

... then that night our mission president called us and said that they can only be baptized if they have a parent that is baptized with them.... So, we're in a bind at the moment.  Sister Chee feels that she's ready, but she's worried about tithing.  She says she barely makes it paycheck to paycheck.  So, if anyone has amazing testimonies on tithing, send them our way! ... granted, it might be a little late if you email them to me, but hand written letters are always good :)  Those would get here before Saturday if you send them by Tuesday/Wednesday.  Yes, I know how long it takes to mail things... #missionarylife

Belinda also accepted a baptism date!  She's going to be baptized with her son September 24th, the weekend her son turns 8.  I LOVE how she is so family focused in all of this.  It's the greatest.

We watched Meet the Mormons with Deb!  She LOVED it!!!!!! She is still chugging along in learning.  She is very catholic, and we love her for it.  She came to church this past week!  Next week she's bringing her son!!! :D  

Other exciting events of the week - we sorted through moldy, nasty potatoes at the food pantry this week!  It was... gross.

Then I had my birthday!!!! Sister Brown made breakfast burritos, then we went to church, and I wore my Disney Birthday Button on my bag.  The Elders laughed at me, but I loved it.  Then we went home teaching with our bishop, then we had dinner with the Spiva family.  They are SO CUTE!  They didn't know it was my birthday (I hardly told anyone...) and when they found out they sang happy birthday to me.  It was so darling.  The kids just made my night.  And Sister Spiva had made a strawberry cheesecake!  She must have been in tune with the Spirit or something ;)

Then we went to Deb's and she had more cheesecake for us.  And CUTE decorations!  And a birthday present.  We took the Tanner's with us, a darling little family in the ward, and it was just so great.  I loved it :)

I gave myself a birthday present - I'm going to read 18 pages of the book of mormon every day so I can read it in a month.  So far, I'm LOVING this challenge!  I'm learning SO MUCH!  Like just how incredible of an example Nephi is to everyone.  Man, I love that guy.  And then I'm also realizing just how often we are like Laman and Lemuel... or, at least I'm like them more often than I'd like to be.  But really, I'm only on day 2 of this and it's one of the best things that I've ever done.  Love, love, love it.

And... that's about it! 

Oh, wait!!! FUNNY experience this week!!! 
The Elders dropped by Saturday night and dropped off a bag of cookies.  Sister Brown went to answer the door, saw the cookies, and yelled and threw the cookies back at the Elders and they were driving off.  She successfully sent those cookies into the bed of their truck.  It was the funniest thing of my life.  Can you tell she is tired of sweets?? ;)  Haha.  It was so funny how she did it without thinking.  And then we thought about it some more.. and realized it could have been a birthday present for me... haha, that just made it better.  We were dying from laughter.

Well, I love all of you! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

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