Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hey there! 
So, exciting news, I'm training Sister Brown!!! And she is an absolute sweetheart.  She's from Montana, and we're getting along great!  Highlight of everything, she likes to be healthy!!! So we're breaking out the salads, healthy homemade things, and everything.  Oh, and essential oils!  It's so great :)  

...just was notified that we have our email time cut short today.... the library is closing in about 20 minutes because their water isn't working... so, this is gonna be exciting super fast update!

Quote of the week - "We do weed"  ... this was from yours truly.  I was talking about how we weed people's gardens and such and then it came out like that... The teenager we were talking to immediately snickered.

We saw Elder Cook and Echohawk and their fantastic wives on Saturday!!! It was a Spiritual feast like nothing else.  Sister Brown and I are now working on extremely exact obedience.

We had a super cool miracle this past week - Miracle- After the mission tour ended, we got to our area, did 12 week and had about an hour and a half left to the night. We were praying and received the prompting to go and try Colleen, someone we said there was no way we were trying that day for miles sake. But we did, and when she wasn't home we tried her neighbors. In an hour we were blessed with 2 new investigators and a new less active. It was so good!

And... yep, that's about all I have time for!  I love you all so much!!!!

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