Monday, May 9, 2016

Crazy busy week‏

Well, this week has been great.  It honestly feels like 3 weeks compiled into one.

First off, Happy Mother's Day again!!! It was so great seeing you yesterday and talking to everyone!  I love you all SOOO much!  And Paul, I'm SO excited you've been called to the Nagoya Japan mission!!!! That's gonna be the greatest thing ever.  I'll miss ya lots, but hopefully we'll be able to see each other during Christmas skyping... I'm still working out that one in my brain.

And Happy Birthday this week, Dad!!!! May birthdays are simply the greatest.

During Sister Brown's skyping, I was majorly called to repentance on my journal writing... So, I'm working on that now.  I wrote 9 pages last night, and barely covered the past week.

On Tuesday we went to Farmington for MLC.  It was super great!  We talked about having a goal of seeing a temple on the reservation... That's what we're now working towards!  It's gonna be such a blessing for the Natives.

I did 100 pushups and squats last monday... and was sore for 5-6 days because of it.  Did I learn my lesson?? No, I did another 100 today.  I think Mondays are just going to be my kill-myself days.

I've decided that I need to take a break from Costa Vida.  We had sweet pork salads for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.... It's a good thing my gift card ran out this last time I went.  

We helped out with the youth's fundraiser this past week!  It was super fun!  I cut lettuce for 2 1/2 hours straight... I've never seen so much lettuce!  And then our cake we brought for the auction sold for $40!  That was cool.  But then a big thing of chocolate covered strawberries went for $360......... Yeah, lesson learned- bring chocolate covered strawberries if you want to make a fortune.

First is the chocolate cake we made for the youth's cake auction this week. We thought it looked awesome... then we saw everyone else's cakes.  I baked the cake, Sister Brown decorated.

A member bought us one of the cheesecakes being auctioned off.  It was so good!!!!

We've changed our dinner messages now.    Now we ask the members "what do you expect from your missionaries?"  We've gotten some awesome feedback.  Like come to ward activities, bring people to church, introduce new people to certain families at church... It's been a great trust building experience as well between the members and missionaries.  We also got a new ward mission leader this past week!  So that's going to be an adventure getting on the same page and such with him.

Spiritual thought - I'm working on Christlike attributes lately.  I've got a LONG ways to go, but here's a scripture I love and is helping me out - Galations 5:22-23.

I love you all!!!!

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