Monday, May 16, 2016

Miracle of Miracles... again! :D

I love mission life.  It's the best.  And life is SO GOOD every day!!! Well... if not every day, then at least every other.  We've been working hard this week and things are going well.  It's incredible how the Lord blesses His missionaries.  We've been saying so many prayers with LOTS of thanks!

First, Monday we went on a hike with our District.  The pictures I sent should pretty much sum that one up.  It was gorgeous, and we enjoyed ourselves.  Even if it made us late for our first exchange of the transfer because no one told us the drive would take an hour....

We started the exchange madness!  And we've got 1 1/2 of the companionships done! :D  YAY!

Miracles - We took a member named Sister Tanner with us to Belinda's lesson on Tuesday.  They hit it off SO WELL!!!!! Oh it was a wonderful thing to be part of.  They're both mothers of young ones and Sister Tanner was so willing to help Belinda with anything and everything.  When we asked Belinda what we could do for her at the end of the lesson she simply asked "can you come back again?"  We were thinking OF COURSE!!!! We're hoping she gets a Sunday off soon so she can come and experience church.

Then we have another new investigator!  This week is Arianna and Deb.  We found Arianna as we were trying to visit a Less Active the Tanner's suggested we meet.  We met the less active, and then her grand-daughter was Arianna who is 11 and wants to be baptized so bad!  So we're gonna help her make it happen.

Then Deb is our mother away from home.  She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I love her so so so much!!!! She takes care of us like we're family.  She's not a member of the church, but she still was the one to ask us if we wanted to skype at her home for Mother's day.  And we dropped by yesterday intending to visit her neighbor and then found her unloading her car with boxes and stuff so we seized the opportunity to serve then she fed us dinner and agreed to take the lessons!  It was a wonderful night :)  We're watching Meet the Mormons with her this Wednesday. SO EXCITED!

I gave a training in Zone Training this week on the idea of 7 minute lessons...  It went well, but applying it is difficult.  We'll get it down soon hopefully!!!

Highlight - we went to mutual this past week!  Oh it was so great!  These girls are incredible :)  We're so excited to go to mutual almost every week now that we have a new Ward Mission Leader and he's wanting to meet on Saturdays now instead of Wednesday.  So great!!!!

We made cards with Mary our 99 year old investigator this week!  Man, she is PRO!!!!! I love this lady so much.  She really is my adopted grandma.  She told us this week that she found out she has a bad kidney infection... my heart shattered... But she's promised us that she's making it to 100 so she better!!!!!

Adventure of the week - well, there were many, but one was when we were locked out of the house for a good 1/2 hour Saturday morning.  We went for a run at 6:00 and came back to find that the door had somehow locked itself behind us. And there was no spare key.  So Sister Westover and I (yes, I was on exchanges to boot) waited outside until 7:00 to knock on our neighbor/landlord's door to ask if she had a spare key.  She did thankfully and then we went on with our day.  Later that day, we got lost for a good 45 minutes.... Ugh, I hate getting lost.  It wastes such precious time.

Miracle of the week - THE CHEE'S GRABBED A TITHING SLIP ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my heavens, we've been praying for the Chee's to be baptized in May the entire month.  And our District has been joining us in the prayers as well.  And I invite you to join us as well... cause they are SO CLOSE!  And Satan definitely knows it.  They have had to cancel our last two lessons which they never do, and then have left church early a little bit the past two weeks as well. (well, the girls stayed the whole time, but not the parents).  Our zone has a goal of 2 baptisms this month set by our mission president and we had 0 people on date.  We're going to the faith of a child to get this done.  And it's SO SO SO close!!!!! We're meeting with the Chee's this Thursday, and we're praying for the best.  

But, that's about the update from Gallup.  Things are going well, miracles are happening every day, and I'm just loving life.  Mission life is the best.  Oh!  Then I'm also turning 21 this Sunday... crazy sauce!!!!! That doesn't feel real.

1 Peter 3:15 - probably my theme scripture now.

Love you!

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