Monday, February 15, 2016

Twas a week...!!!!!‏

Holy Hannah, this week has been insane!!!!! Just.... wow.... It's one of those weeks that you learn a lot from, but are glad it's over with.  But it was still good!  In a trying way, but good!  Always look on the bright side of life, right?

Let's start with Monday.  Monday we started exchanges with the St. Michael's Sisters.  So we were in the car a LOT!  BUT!!!! Guess what!!! I got to see Ludene!!!!!!!!! We met with the St Mike's Sisters at the halfway point which happened to be Shiprock.  So we got there a little early and dropped by Ludene's house!  It was fantastic seeing her again!  She's still going strong!  It was funny, we went into her house and she was listening to a book on tape.  She just never changes :)  I love it.

Lessons were great throughout the exchange.  The Sisters are amazing.  I love working with different Sisters all the time.  But sometimes you just really want your actual companion back... so I was really happy to see Sister Ledford again.  She is still just doing SO well!!!

Tom passed his baptism interview!!!!!!!! So we officially will be having two baptisms on Saturday!!!!! :D  

Bob on the other hand is needing to wait until he's baptized... so we won't be having a baptism on February 27th.  But that's okay.  Cause he's still just amazingly strong in everything he's doing!  And still just so excited about the gospel.

I hit my 8 month mark!  Bah!!!! That's just insane.  You should see my face right now as I type that... it is kinda one of distaste.... I LOVE BEING ON A MISSION! So much!!!!! And time is going by way too quickly.

But thinking about exchanges and how little of a mission I have left totally stresses me out... So much so that we're thinking it's the cause of me getting sick Saturday night.  We are trying our best to meet our monthly goals right now, but with the insane number of exchanges we've been going on it's looking next to impossible to make our goals.  It's so depressing!!! So Saturday night I wasn't feeling well whatsoever.  For 2-3 days I would get crazy stomach/everywhere in my body pains after I ate.  Saturday it was so bad that I was in the fetal position on the couch for a good 45 minutes because I couldn't do anything else.  So I got a priesthood blessing and it was just AMAZING!  Wow... Just.... wow.  I was told in the blessing that I might have discomfort for the next few days, but it will pass.  And there were other incredible promises in it as well that helps me know that I have a lot to look forward to if I work hard and take the mission day by day.

Saturday as a whole was really difficult... We had a lesson that was just tough.  There's a 16 year old girl that is kinda interested in learning more about the church, but she's also pretty strong in her Catholic beliefs.  So the lesson was right on the line of bashing.... bah!  It was rough!!!! We tried our best to keep the Spirit there, but it was just gone at some points as hard as we were trying.  But it all worked out!  Her mother came to church on Sunday and told us that Mariah really likes us and wanted to go to church but couldn't!  So maybe there's a miracle in there somewhere.

But goodness gracious, I'm going to make a request.  Shane is in major need of prayers.  Something got over him this past week and he's returned to smoking, drinking, and didn't come to church yesterday.  He's doubting everything he had a super strong testimony of just 4 weeks ago.  So please please please pray for him!  We're hoping to meet with him today and give him the scrapbook we made of his baptism day with all the notes from the people that attended... but he just needs the Spirit right now.  We're just shocked and heartbroken about the whole thing.

But things are looking up, I hope this email doesn't make everyone think that I'm discouraged or anything.  I know that everything is in Heavenly Father's hands and that it will all work out.  We're here with a fresh new week and we're looking forward to working hard!  It's going to be the best :)

I love you all SO much!!!!
Sister Cardon

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