Monday, February 22, 2016

Baptism x 2!!!!!!!‏

This week has been absolutely fantastic!  And you now have a million pictures to show for it! :)A picture is worth a thousand words, right? I hope you enjoy :)

Well, Melissa and Tom were baptized on Saturday!!! It was a fantastic experience!!!! Though, we were a little late for Tom's baptism... ooops.  We weren't very smart and decided to schedule a lesson right before his baptism thinking we could get out on time.... yeah, no.  This lady likes to talk.  But in the lesson we put her on date for April 16th!!!! So it was kinda worth it.  But I was giving the opening prayer at the baptism.  So it was slightly awkward, but it worked out in the end!  We didn't get as many pictures at the baptism because of it, but we got the picture of Tom in a white jumpsuit, so the most important one was taken! :)

Melissa's baptism was just the sweetest thing.  I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and it went alright.  She was just beaming like none other the entire night.  Actually, who am I kidding?  She's ALWAYS beaming!  And always has energy to no end!! She just makes us so excited for the work.  One of my favorite moments from the baptism service was when we were walking from the chapel to the baptismal font.  We were walking down the hall hip-to-hip me, Melissa, and Sister Ledford and we were all just giddy with excitement.  It was the cutest thing of my life.  Funny moment from her baptism - she had to be dunked 3 different times.  The person baptizing her kept keeping one word out from the baptism prayer.  So she kept going under.  And with it being the 3rd baptism service that day, the water was a wee bit cold by then.  But it worked out!!! And both Tom and Melissa received the Holy Ghost on Sunday! :D

Other exciting things from this week - I went on exchanges again!  ...they never end!!  But this time around I went with the Gallup Sisters!  And it was just great!  They were quiet compared to the St Michael's Sisters, but they are still just amazing.  We've got one more round of exchanges today and then we're done for the transfer!!!! ... transfer ends next week... but we'll have a week of just Sister Ledford and I!!! Super excited!  I'm 99% positive next week will be my last week serving with Sister Ledford, so we're gonna make the most of it and work hard to no end!  I have no idea what's in store with transfers for me, but I'm pretty sure I'm either taking over Aztec 1st by itself or being moved to a different part of the mission. Our mission president said I've almost exceeded the limit of time for being in one area.  I've been serving here for almost 7 months.  Which is just crazy.  I feel like I've been here forever, but not at the same time.  So we'll see what happens next weekend with transfer news!

That's about our week! Baptisms and exchanges.  Sounds about right.  Oh!  And now I'm on a "bland food" diet of applesauce.... applesauce... maybe some rice, haven't tried that just yet... and .... yeah.  My stomach isn't enjoying fresh fruits and veggies right now which is essentially all I eat, so it's been a pretty big change of food.  I don't know the details of everything, but supposedly there's a virus or something I have that makes it so I get major stomach/back pains when I eat certain things.  It might be caused by stress.  But hopefully I'll be back to normal eating by next week!  Cause applesauce is good and all, but I really enjoy normal food.  At least the applesauce is organic! ;) Still trying to be healthy and all.

Well, I love you all!!!

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