Monday, February 29, 2016


It's leap day!!!! And super exciting!!!!!! :D  Best way to celebrate is by being on a mission, right??

Well, I only have a quick minute to write... so here we go!

Miracle of the week: We have another person on date in Flora Vista!!!!! Melissa's son - Jeremiah!  He's sooo cool!  He's 24 and has just loved the change he's seen in his mother.  So he's decided to be baptized on May 21st - 3 days before his birthday.  The idea is to have a fresh start with a new year for him.  Super cool!

We did our last exchange!  YAY!!!! I've decided that Pagosa isn't my favorite place in all the world... I much prefer my Aztec/Flora Vista area. Now we have a normal week, then we'll be back into the craziness of exchanges once again with the new transfer.  But this time around we'll have 7 weeks to do exchanges rather than only 6.  Should be good!!

We did a lot of cleaning this week!  And I got to cut hair!  That's always a good time :)

Transfer news comes in this Friday/Saturday!  We'll see how it goes!  Sister Ledford will be taking over Flora Vista as far as I know... but I'm clueless as to my own transfer news.  I'm just hoping that the ice cream shop Vanilla Moose is open before I'm transferred.  Their billboard says that they're going to be opening soon, but I'm gonna be so sad if they  open literally days after I leave the area.  Vanilla Moose is just the greatest.  I love love love their ice cream!!! They had a killer pumpkin pie shake/sundae thing last year... It was SOOOO delicious!!! This is also the same place that has green chili ice cream.  

And yeah... that's more or less our week.  So happy to be done with exchanges.  Looking forward to one more week of working hard with Sister Ledford.  And just loving missionary life.  Oh, and my release date was changed to December 28 instead of January 4, so that's a happy day too!

I love you all so much!!!

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