Tuesday, February 16, 2016

fill-in-the-blank letter from Becca (aka Sister Cardon)

The best part about serving in New Mexico is:
__ the green chilies
__ getting to wear a black name tag
__ I’m starting to pick up the language and can understand what the people are saying
_x_ the people I meet and teach and grow to love

The best thing about my companion is:
__ we wear the same size clothes (double the wardrobe!)
__ we both have the same first name: Sister
__ she shares her goodies with me
_x_ we have the same goals and work hard to reach them

What I miss most about home is:
__ the snow
__ dad’s snoring
__ teaching Sunbeams
_x_ all of you!

I hope you all:
_x_ plan to serve a mission
_x_ write back soon
_x_ have a great week
_x_ love me as much as I love you!

...I couldn't pick just one... 

Note [from her mother]:  This form letter comes complete with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  No excuses for not writing!

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