Monday, January 4, 2016

Things are rolling along!

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has been pretty dang exciting!!! We have 6 new investigators!!!! :D  Sister Ledford is the coolest human being ever.  What I love about new missionaries is their incredible faith in finding.  And it's definitely shown this week.  I've been doing my best to roll with it, and I'm so thankful I have.  

First miracle of the week: We had a media referral named Tom Smith.  And we contacted him that night, but weren't able to have a lesson with him then.  Then Sunday night comes around and Sister Ledford gets the thought to go visit him.  So we do, we get to know them, and without us even bringing up baptism he asks us how he can get to the temple to be sealed to his wife for eternity!!! Holy Hannah!! We were SOOOOOOO excited!!!! :D The only thing he has to overcome is coffee drinking, but he says it won't be a problem.  So we're gonna be teaching them, activating his wife (who is more than willing to come back to church) and help them get to the temple!  I'm so excited!!!!

Our other investigators are simply fantastic as well.  There's another part member family - Josh and Sarah - who just had twins SUPER pre-mature.  The babies were only 26 weeks along.  So the babies are in the hospital and we're starting to teach Sarah who isn't a member.  The ward has been embracing the new couple and helping them out so much.  And small world - Josh is the son of someone we teach in the other ward!  Crazy sauce!!!  The two families don't have the strongest relationship since Josh has pretty much disowned his parents for one reason or another, but the parents started crying when we told them that we had started teaching Josh and Sarah.  They were so happy and said it was an answer to their prayers.  I love being a missionary!!!!

I also went to my first normal Missionary Leadership Council (MLC)!  That was pretty exciting!  We came up with the phrase "In the New Mexico Farmington Mission we represent Jesus Christ as we find, teach repentance, and baptize converts" which is now our culture phrase in the mission.  I'm looking forward to the day when every missionary has this has the single intent in their missionary work.  As all the missionaries here have that focus we're going to be accomplishing miracles! :D  Unified missionaries are much better than not.

New Years was awesome.  We had a super early curfew time of 5:30, but our members still took care of us.  We were going a little crazy from doing weekly planning for a long time at the end of the night, then the Roundy's who are members in Flora Vista dropped by with a plate of delicious goodies!  Originally, we were supposed to have spent some of our evening with them, but with the early curfew it didn't work out.  Also, I've discovered how much I love little smokies.  They just remind me of all the Cardon gatherings and how we almost always have them for appetizers.  So it made the New Year celebrations feel a little like home.

And one other awesome experience from the week - we had a lesson with another part member family Jessica and Josh.  Jessica stopped going to church while she was in college and Josh is a strong baptist, almost to the anti-mormon point.  We had a really great discussion with them, but it was close to a heated discussion at times.  But I was so thankful for the Spirit that was there!  We went about it with an attitude of understanding and love and Sister Ledford gave a powerhouse testimony that completely softened Josh's heart and opened his eyes some.  And he invited us to come back!  It was so incredible!!  The members that were with us were so great as well!  They kept to themselves for the most part, but then brought up an awesome point about a scripture and it broke down another wall.   Man, it was just so good!

Aaaannndddd, yeah, those are probably the highlight experience of the week.  I'm starting to get to the point of the mission where I'm getting tired kinda easily.  I don't enjoy it.  I'm trying my best to stay super upbeat and positive, but it can be quite the task at times.  But it's weeks like this that boost me up enough to keep going and keep happy.  I just love life so much!!

So, fun story, I'm gonna be in Blanding Utah again!  I'm leaving today with Sister Navarro, another Sister Training Leader, and her companion and Sister Ledford will be staying in Flora Vista/Aztec.  I'll be seeing Sister Nielsen!  I'm pretty excited to see how she's doing :)  And then I'll be back with Sister Ledford Wednesday night.  It's gonna be a long time away from my area, which is weird, but it should be good!  

I hope you're all doing so well!!!
Love you bunches!!!
Becca :)

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