Monday, January 11, 2016

winter in the mission field

Shoveling is useless... the walkway was shoveled not even 5 minutes before

Couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a snowman!  Or more like a snow-missionary! Navajo nametag and everything :) #rezmissionarylife 
We almost made snow angels and put our nametags on that, but then we realized we were in skirts and that would be far too cold

I was in Utah for a mere 48 hours or so and THIS happened!  Guess I had to get my utah winter somehow.

Do notice, my hair is in a braid.  Still super excited about that!:D

Note from Sarah: She is wearing her Christmas present. Beautiful.  To which Linnea replied, "I loved that scarf when I saw it in the window of the store.  Stole it off the mannequin ... last one."
Sarah:  It is not only beautiful but warm.  She's been wearing it thru the snowy weather.  

This is how we warm up by the "fire" in New Mexico :) It even makes crackling noises.  With subtitles!! ;) The fire goes for an hour, and within the hour it builds to full force and then dies out by minute 59.  Haha, it's just the greatest.

Enjoying a moment in front of the fireplace...

Also, Captain America, our car mascot, loves the snow as well.

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