Monday, December 28, 2015

as promised

As promised, I'm writing my mass email first.  So, I apologize if people don't get responses from me today.  I'll do my best though!  But goodness, I don't even know how to describe this week!! Obviously we had Christmas and it was a wonderful day!  We were inside most of the day doing our weekly planning, but we got to break for a little while to Skype home and go have dinner with a member.  It was pretty wonderful.  I loved seeing the family and Sean! (who is basically family). You all looked wonderful! :)  

Miracles of the week:  I was SO blessed in the fact that Skyping home didn't distract me from the missionary work I have the privilege of doing here.  I was worried almost the entire week that the conversation I would have with my family would take up all my thoughts afterwards and I wouldn't be able to focus on missionary work.  But Heavenly Father answers prayers and helped me stay completely focused after skyping.  It was SO wonderful!  I love you family, but right now it doesn't do well to think about home all the time.  There are so many other things I have to think about.

Other miracles: Sister Ledford invited someone to be baptized and they accepted!!!!!!! :D  This just happened last night, so we're still super excited about it!  Our investigator's name is Blake and he's 16, almost 17.  His school teacher is a member from our ward and so Blake was introduced to the church through that.  We've taught him twice now and he knows that this is where he needs to be.  When he accepted the invitation to be baptized his first response was "well, if it brings me closer to Heavenly Father, then yes."  How great is that?!!?  He is so incredible and such a wise teenager!

Other things... mmmm..... 

Funny story!  We've learned the art of re-gifting!!! Oh my word, with all the sweets we've been getting we've decided that we just can't take any more.  So one night we got a *really* big plate of what looked like absolutely delicious sweets.  But we already had a mountain back home.  So we had a little extra time at the end of the night, picked a less active to go visit that we've never met before, and since it was late we grabbed the plate of goodies and gave it to him!  Kinda like bribery to get him to listen to a lesson.  It worked!!! :D  And we should be meeting with him regularly now! :D

We went caroling as a zone.  That was pretty exciting.  Just about 16 missionaries going from door to door.  It was quite the sight.

Aaaannnnddd... yeah.  We gave sacrament meeting talks yesterday!  That was fun!  Sister Ledford was so nervous, but she did SO well!!! I truly think she did even better than I did!  She was incredible.  Our topic was missionary work and setting goals.  And I want to challenge ALL of you to do missionary work!! Talk to people about your beliefs!  Tell them about the gospel!  And go out with the missionaries!!! Missionaries absolutely love it.  And tell the missionaries about your friends!  The best way to do missionary work is through the members of the church.  And there is no greater joy than spreading the gospel.  I love it with all my heart and soul.

Well, I love you all!!! I hope you enjoy the pictures I sent as well!!! 
Happy New Year!!!!! :D

Sister Becca Cardon :)

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