Monday, January 25, 2016


Guess where I've been transferred to!!!???!!! 

... Flora Vista/Aztec 1st.   Yep!  I'm gonna be spending an entire 7 months in this area at this rate, but I love it with all my heart so I'm okay with that.  If anyone doesn't know, my (at this point it feels like it'll be permanent) address is P.O. Box 719 Flora Vista NM 87415.  I'll still be with Sister Ledford and we'll be finishing up her training.  It should be great! :D  This next transfer hold a lot of excitement with roughly 4-5 baptisms lined up.  We're stoked!

This week, well, as you could see in the pictures I sent, I'm in a brace now.  And I dislike typing at this point.  It's no bueno.  But how did I injure my wrist you might ask??  ... I got up from off the floor.  Yes, I managed to injure myself from the short trip from floor to standing.  There was a loud pop and then pain. But it's all good cause one of our bishops is a doctor! :D  So I obtained a brace from him and now all is well.

Miracle of the week: Flora Vista has a new investigator!! And she's on date to be baptized February 20th!!!! :D We are so so so excited for her!  Her name is Melissa and she's half Native and half hispanic.  She calls herself a Navajo Taco ;)  I love her so much!  She has such an amazing energy and she just loves life and this gospel! Her friend/coworker that lives in Kirtland introduced her to the gospel and she just can't get enough of it.  This experience has definitely reassured me that the best missionary work comes from the members.  Melissa came to church yesterday and just was so excited!  And when we asked her to be baptized in our first meeting with her she said she was so excited she wanted to scream.  And we are now called "mama".  It makes me laugh :)  She calls everyone Mama, and it suits her so well.

I went on the last exchange of the transfer last week!  And the process will be starting all over again this coming week... joy.  Poor Sister Ledford is basically never in the area when we're going through exchanges.  And I have a feeling we'll be assigned 3 companionships this transfer rather than just 2 because there are 5 more areas that have opened to Sisters. Whew!  We're gonna be staying busy!  Which is the best kind of missionary life! :)

Man... those are the best experiences of the week really.  I can't think of much else that happened.  We're still just working with Shane and the other people we have on date.  Shane's being baptized this Friday!!! We are so so so excited!!! :D  Sister Ledford is giving a talk on the Holy Ghost and I'm conducting the music.  We just can't even wait!  We're gonna be making a scrapbook for him of the day - should be good! :)

And yeah... that's life in New Mexico.  It's cold, snowy, and miracle filled.  We're just loving life here.

Family, I got my letter of shame.  And I laughed a lot.  We FINALLY are having a normal P-day today, so you can definitely expect letters :)

I love you all with all my heart!! And I hope you're doing well!!!
Becca :)

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