Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

I've seen SOOOOO much snow this past week!!! And so little of my actual companion!  It's been insane.  I went up to Blanding Monday- Wednesday and Holy Hannah... there was a LOT of snow!  We would shovel a driveway and then by the time we finished the driveway, the part we had first shoveled already had a layer of snow on it!  So, it felt pointless, but at least we got the worst of it done for a day.  I don't know what it looked like the next day.  Supposedly Flora Vista is supposed to be getting a bunch of snow this week too.  Should be fun! 

So, I discovered some #utahmissionaryprobs.  One is that there are SO many members around that tracting turns into you having a whole bunch of active member lessons instead of new investigators.  And you don't even have to ask them if they're a member, cause you see a tiny piece of garment or something that is the tell all.  My mind was just blown a bit.  We knocked on a door, thinking it could be a potential investigator, and then this old lady answers the door and you could see a little bit of her garment so instead of telling someone the gospel we asked if she needed any service.  It was just weird having all these houses around me and then being told that every one of them had a member living there.  Utah is crazy.

There was a little kid that just made my day though!  Haha, he was at the dinner appointment and I was definitely giving him too much attention and he was just eating it up.  I felt like I was working at Disney again.  He asked me how old I was and I said that I felt like a was 5 inside.  Then he asked for my real age, and I said 20.  Then he said "Nooooo...!! You're *real* age!" ... I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or an insult.  I think he might have thought I was a lot older.  Later on in the night he asked if I was a bishop.  Haha, that wasn't a comment I was expecting.  His dad said he was close, but I was a missionary.

So, this week I spent 5 out of 7 days with Sister Navarro instead of my actual companion Sister Ledford.  And Sister Navarro is just amazing!  She's Samoan and super cool!  Some highlight experiences - first morning in Blanding we were doing exercises and Sister Nielsen was jogging around the house.  Sister Navarro took it upon herself to run behind Sister Nielsen and chase her with her hands waving above her head.  It was hilarious!  Especially when Sister Nielsen switched directions and it wasn't what Sister Navarro was expecting.  I think I got an ab workout that morning just from laughing at the two of them.

Other highlight of being with Sister Navarro, we got to do service for Sister Hall who is my absolute favorite lady in the entire world!  She's this older lady (probably mid 70's or so) and she's just the biggest sweetheart ever!  Her husband died earlier this year and she's taken it really really hard.  They had a band together back in the day - Reedy and the Hallmarks and they also had a country club.  Reedy, her husband, played the piano like none other.  So, Sister Navarro and I went over to Sister Hall's home and played the piano, ukulele and sang.  Sister Hall just adored it!  And it meant so much to her.  She hadn't opened her husband's piano since he had died, so it was all dusty and needing love.  It was seriously one of the coolest experiences I've had on the mission.  I love music and this gospel so much!!!

Other miracles of the week: Our investigator Tom is on date for February 20th!  He's the guy that wants to be sealed to his wife by April 1st- their anniversary.

And we had 7 investigators at Sacrament meeting!!! Usually it's a struggle to get 3 there, and we had 7!!!! :D  SO HAPPY!

Funny story - We have a member that comes out with us pretty often named Tylor.  I love her with all my heart.  She's leaving for her mission in a little over a week and her punishment until she finishes packing is that she can't go out with the missionaries.  She can still hang out with her friends, but the bigger punishment was stopping her from going out with missionaries.  It definitely made me laugh.

Aaaannnddd... yeah, that's about it!  I love you all with all my heart!!! 
Becca :)

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  1. This makes me laugh....Vanessa visited a family often in Illinois. The little boy would open the door for them and then yell to his parents, "The Bishops are here!" --LaDawn Coburn