Monday, November 16, 2015

When nothing goes according to plan....‏

Well, this week didn't really go according to plan whatsoever.  We were supposed to go to Mesa Verde on Monday, and have a baptism on Saturday, confirmation on Sunday, and a ton of appointments... but... none of those things happened.  But we were still blessed immensely and it simply strengthens my testimony of how Heavenly Father has a plan and He's going to do it His way.

I failed to write a list of things that happened this week... so I might be a little scatter brained today.  Forgive me.

We did service at an investigator's house this week!  Fred is this 73 year old cowboy that's the coolest person ever.  We cleaned the wall behind his stove... It actually was highly enjoyable. Though, he says that we giggle a lot... Such is my life :)  Just gotta enjoy to the end rather than endure!

We also have new investigators!!!!! We had a bunch of referrals we were able to contact this week and a lot of them are pretty promising!  We have a total of 4 new investigators and we are SO excited to be teaching the gospel to new people!  One we got because a less active cancelled her lesson with us and so we had the time to contact people.  So, while we were sad we didn't get a lesson with our less active, we are so thankful we were able to find someone ready to hear this message of joy! :)

Our baptism didn't happen this week :(  It was sad, but it needed to happen. Jason understands that he's gotta fully live the Word of Wisdom and respects that the church has that standard.  He's got a weakness for tea and had had some.  So he's still off of chewing tobacco!  But we were so focused on that that we didn't think about mentioning tea.  But it's not a matter of "if" he'll be baptized, only "when".  Especially now that his life is insane.  He moved to Texas today and we don't know when he'll be back to get the rest of the family and bring them down with him.  Life is just crazy.

We had a fun experience this week where we had an appointment for every hour of our day (11-8pm) and every single one of them didn't happen.... That was great.  But you know, we still got to finish the things that we needed to do that day and we still saw the Lord's hand in everything.  Even if it didn't go according to plan.  Theme of our week.

But this week we're going to be going on exchanges for my first time as a Sister Training Leader!  Should be good!!!! :)  I'll be in the YSA branch for the next 24 hours :)  I'm kinda excited for that.  Sister Nielsen will be staying in Flora Vista with another Sister.  She's gonna do great!! :D

Well, I love you all and hope you're doing AMAZING!!! Keep staying strong!  Keep reading scriptures, going to church, and praying.  The Lord will definitely help you out as you follow Him :)  I know I've seen it in my life daily.  And I'm so thankful that I have a knowledge of Him and His goodness.  Truly, we have a Heavenly Father that loves us perfectly and I love that we can turn to Him for anything and everything.

I love you!!!
Becca :)

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