Monday, November 9, 2015

Spiritual Feast :)

This week has just been amazing.  Overview - we had a family history fair with the stake, had stake conference, went to enrichment night, arranged Jason's baptism, and ate way too much.
So, this past week we went to Flora Vista's enrichment night, which is basically when all the older ladies in the ward get together and do crafty things and such.  This month the "craft" was sending off care packages to missionaries.  So Sister Nielsen and I got to speak before everyone started writing letters about missionary work and how they can be involved as well and support the full time missionaries.  It was so much fun :) 
Oh! Guess what!! We got to put up a Christmas tree this week!!!! :D Yes, it's before thanksgiving, but it still pretty much made my week :)  It was the same kind of tree my family puts up, so it felt a little like home for a bit :)
We had a little scare with Jason's baptism this past week.  We called to reserve the building and found out that it was already full for the day and they suggested moving the baptism to Friday.  However, it's Friday the 13th this week and Jason's already superstitious. But, miraculously, everything worked out!  We're still having the baptism on Saturday and Jason is SO excited!!! And we are as well :)
We also got to watch an 8 year old we're fairly close to be baptized last Saturday :)  There are baptisms all over!! ;)
Miracle of the week:  We met with a recent convert that hasn't met with missionaries for roughly 3 months.  But she met with us!  AND she came to stake conference!!! It was so so so great!!! She's re-committed herself to the church and coming and such, so hopefully we'll be able to help her out as much as possible.
Random fact - there's a family in the ward that is bound and determined to have Sister Nielsen and I gain about 500+ pounds each.  They feed us sooooooo much food whenever we see them, then insist on giving us a ton of dessert as well.  Last night they had us take home enough dessert to feed a small army.  It included things like cheesecake, boston cream pie, chocolate croissants, a chocolate cream cake, and a few other random things.  It was just insane.  We have dessert for the next 4 transfers I think.
We also went to a family history fair this week.  It was SO good!!!!!!! I wish I could do family history all day now!  They talked about recording stories and putting them on Family Search, and then putting pictures on there, and doing so many things there.  And there's SO much work to do!! So, family and friends, I issue the challenge to you to do family history work.  Even if it's uploading stories and pictures.  It would be an awesome family activity to do.  And SO worthwhile!!  There are lots of people waiting for their work to be done and YOU can do it for them :)
We also went to Stake Conference.  Holy Hannah, it was incredible!!  It was broadcast from Salt Lake and just amazing.  Some points I took from it...
-Simplify your life.  Declutter. Look at clothes, apps, video games, and other things in your life and make it simple.  There are a lot of good things that get in the way of us doing the best things in life.  Like family time.  Or family history work.
-I loved the quote "if you quit the gospel, where will you go?"  This gospel is everything you need in life.
- You can't eliminate to find the truth of this gospel.  There will *always* be other things to look into.  You have to trust that the Spirit is telling the truth to you and go with it.  Have a testimony of the basic truths, then go from there.
- Commit NOW in your decisions.  Have a firm commitment to living standards of the church or anything else so when a moment comes when you have to decide on living it or not, you already have that decision made.  Put the Lord first.
- Fully occupy the missionaries in your area.  Give them referrals!!!!!! Go out with them! Invite them into your homes!  Missionaries are the tools you can use in sharing the gospel, but you've gotta give them something to work with.  I know that when members are involved things are SO much better!
- Be patient and loving towards all people
- Know that right is still right, and wrong is still wrong.  It doesn't change with the world's ideas.
-Go to the temple!
- Be active in the gospel, and not just in church.  Going to meetings isn't enough, you need to be studying the gospel and living the standards.
I loved listening to the church leaders yesterday.  It was simply amazing.  I love our leaders SO much!!  They truly are inspired in the messages they give.
Well, I love you all SO much and hope you are all doing well!!!!
Becca :)

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