Monday, November 23, 2015

Week in Review!!‏

Wow, so this week was wonderful!  We went on 2 different exchanges and it definitely had us exhausted at the end of the week. Lesson learned - don't do two exchanges on the week you go on a 3 hour drive to Blanding, Utah.  That was a lot to do.  And our lesson count for the week definitely reflected the time we spent out of our area.  But it was good!!! It was super weird being in Utah for 24 hours, and a renewed my dislike for Utah roads (after getting 4 aggressive driving warnings from TiWi... stupid roads) but it was fantastic working with the Sisters in Blanding :)

I also did the first part of an exchange with Farmington YSA! I got to participate in their FHE and Institute class which was wonderful!

Funny story of the week: We "Toilet Papered" Sarah's "house" this week.  It translates to we grabbed some rolls of toilet paper and placed them around her room which is across from ours in the house with a note saying "You've been TP'd! With love".  She got us back.  And reused our note.  She really put an effort into it ;)

I'm about out of time... ah!  But guess what!  Sister McKenna Woods is from Ogden!!! And she knew a LOT of the people I knew.  She even used to go country dancing at Union station!  We had a lot to talk about :)

Well, I hope the pictures help make up for my super short email this week... Sorry about that!  Just know that I love you all for all eternity!!!!
Becca :)

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