Monday, November 2, 2015

This is Halloween :)

Hey Family and Friends!
This past week had SO many things happen!!! First off, we got transfer news!  And GUESS WHAT!  Sister Nielsen and I are staying together!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D  This is my first transfer that I kept my companion!! And I'm so excited!!! But also, I was called as a Sister Training Leader!  Meaning I have the responsibility of serving a few assigned Sister companionships. I'll be leading out some exchanges and making sure they're doing alright.  Should be fun.  At the very least, I'll get to go to Missionary Leadership Conference and know first hand what's going on in the mission!  So that will be really nice :)  It's a little daunting being called as a STL, but I know the Lord will help me out.

Miracles of the week:  Mike Phillips cut his smoking from 57 cigarettes a day to 25 in a week!!!!!! :D  And DeAnna, a recent convert, went to the temple for the first time to do baptisms this past week!!!! :D

Sister Nielsen was sick, so that wasn't fun.  We stayed in for a day... I don't like staying in.  But she felt better the next day so that was good!

I got to cut and color hair this week!  That was fantastic :)  I love being a cosmetologist!!!

We went to a ward Halloween party which was super fun!  I Disney Bounded Snow White on Friday and then Captain America on Saturday :)  I love being a Disney Nerd.

Well, I love you all but I'm sadly out of time.  I'll write next week!!!!
Hope you're doing well!!!!
Becca :)

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