Monday, October 26, 2015

We are all enlisted

Hello Hello!!
How has everything been?? I love all of you so much!

This week has been an unusual one.  We spent a LOT of our time in Flora Vista and it was fantastic, but I feel slightly guilty about not spending an equal amount of time in Aztec 1st ward.  This whole juggling two wards can be difficult.  Especially when everyone in Aztec 1st cancels on you.  Such is the life of a missionary.

We saw a LOT of less actives this week!  We had a member go out with us for half a day while we tried to meet people.  Members bring absolute miracles when it comes to missionary work!! So, advice from Sister Cardon, members - go out with the missionaries!  It seriously is the greatest thing ever :)  We love the members so much!!!

Miracle of the week: Our investigator Mike Phillips made it to church!!! Mike is an interesting character.  He knows the church is true and has been taught by a lot of missionaries, but the one thing holding him back from being baptized is the fact that he has a major smoking addiction.  But he's on a medication to help him quit smoking and we have him on date for the end of November!! YAY!!!! ... Hopefully we don't need to move his date.

Speaking of people on date, we have a baptism coming up!!!!!!!! :D And I'm SOOOO excited!!!! This person's name is Jason Hook and he's been taught by missionaries for forever and a day.  Sister Jessee taught him when she served in Flora Vista a year ago and he had already been taught for a while at that point.  But he's finally made the commitment and made the final step of quitting chewing tobacco and was going to be baptized on Halloween this week!! However, he's superstitious and so we moved it to next week.  I'm SO excited for him!!!!! I love seeing people change their life for the better!  It's incredible to watch :)  And he's going to be an absolutely fantastic member!  He's already doing missionary work with his friends as he sees that church is the sure way to change your life for the best.  I just love him so much. 

Accomplishment of the week: I got my hair into a ponytail!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! :D Sister Nielsen was nice enough to take a picture of it.

And we found the cutest halloween decorations ever... They're Disney!! I need them in my life.

But yes, that's about it.

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again!!
Becca :)

PS Sporting their ponytails on Sunday night...

They're ecstatic!  (They get a little weird after working and being gone for 15 hours.)

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  1. YOUR HAIR IS SOOO CUTE!! - Sisar Valerie Cardon