Monday, October 5, 2015

Put on your dancing shoes

My favorite quote from conference is probably the one by Uchtdorf that said "Put on your dancing shoes and skip along the path of life, singing along the way."  I love cheerfully going through life!  It's easy to become a pessimist, but the more rewarding thing to do is count the blessings Heavenly Father gives us every day and then go from there.  Because He gives us SO much!!! Even on the hardest of days, there are still little miracles.  And noticing those things definitely helps me have hope for a better tomorrow and rest of forever.

Well, this week was amazing!  I LOVED watching conference!  There were so many incredible messages shared!  I loved the talks about how amazing women are and how they are a strength to others and they have a great influence to those around them.  Ah, it was just so good!  And there was such a focus on families and sabbath day observance.  I definitely got the message that we need to be a light to the world and that we are examples to the world.  We have to be so mindful of everything we do!  And make sure that it's pleasing to the Lord.  Because people truly do look at us and notice how we differ from others.  It's so good!!!  :)  Because we can totally help others change for the better as we do our best to live the Lord's standards.

And a little miracle came from Conference!  Our investigator Robert came!!!! :D  He came to Sunday morning and it was just wonderful!  I really hope he continues to progress.  I was glad he managed to come to the session that President Monson spoke. But oh my word, I'm so worried for President Monson.  He's not looking so well.  But you know, it just went to show that he is dedicated to this work and to the Lord.  He will testify of Christ until his very last breath like every other apostle and prophet we have/had.  These men we have as our leaders are incredible!!!

And it was awesome to see Kim B. Clark speak!  He was the BYU-Idaho president when I went there so I felt pretty cool when I saw him at the pulpit and knew that I had powdered his face before.  And saw him every week of my semesters there.  It was also pretty cool seeing Elder Oaks and Sister Linda K Burton because I had powdered their faces (and Elder Oaks' head) before too... Coolest BYU-Idaho job ever!  

I was able to make cinnamon rolls Sunday morning to keep up that Cardon tradition for the sunday morning session of conference :)  They were delicious!  Though, I wish I had had our family recipe... oh well, next time.

The area here is doing amazing.  Things are truly moving forward and I'm so excited to see what the Lord has in store for everything.  Guess what!  Sister Nielsen and I get to go do a training for a mini MTC thing they're having in Farminton this Saturday!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!! I'll tell you how it went next week :)  We're just blessed with this opportunity :)

I love you all!!!! Make sure you let your light shine this week!!!
Becca :)

Companions are just the greatest!  They open your eyes to new outfits :)  Sister Nielsen helped me out with wardrobe stuff on Conference weekend.  I might not look the greatest in the picture, but I promise it was super cute.
We sent in our miles for the month and couldn't help but have a little fun with the letter :)

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