Monday, October 12, 2015

gotta run!

Sorry, this week has been insane and email time has slipped away!  (I'm trying to write, but people keep sending me things! Ha, I had 20 letters to read today... and only and hour of computer time.) But here's a picture from some of our adventures this week!
I love you all!!!!!
Becca :)

These are the Sisters I worked with in the Mini MTC thing on Saturday!  Sister Christensen and Sister Jaquez.  Greatest Sisters ever!!!  I'll say more next week :)

PS Some of those emails she was responding to included a photo I sent her of Paul getting his eagle scout.  She said, "Greatest picture ever.  Tell Paul that I love him and that I'm so proud of him! :D"

Her words of encouragement:  These [family] letters are seriously my favorite things to get!  Though, I've noticed the lack of pictures. Have you been enjoying the pictures we send from Sister Alford? [Yep!  You'll find them posted on the blog...]

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