Tuesday, October 20, 2015

excerpts from Sean's letter

Emma's translation:
"Dear Sean,
I miss you so much...."

What Becca really said:
[I'm happy.] The Lord's work includes spreading a message of joy and I'm so grateful I get to be the voice of the message.  And I'm blessed with the people that are in my life.  They all are truly amazing and supportive.  And I'm blessed to know so many people!  I've got people in Utah, Florida, and now New Mexico.  Life is so good.

[Sean sent Becca a picture of Captain America at Comicon.]  Her response:
Thank-you so much for the picture of you with Chris Evans!!  It is still the greatest thing ever. :)  I was as happy as a little kid in a candy store when I saw it.  Wait...no, I was much happier than that.

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