Friday, October 16, 2015

from the pen of Becca Lyn...

You may have noticed Becca didn't have time to send out a group email on Monday, but she did write a letter home and I am including excerpts from that for all of you to keep up to date with her adventures. - Linnea

Hey there!  I'm so sorry my weekly email was basically nonexistent today! (Oct 12, 2015)  Time just flew by a lot faster than I expected!
This week has been amazing though.  Sis. Nielsen and I did the mini-MTC thing which was wonderful!  I had two companions for the day and we did a lot of work together.  We did personal study, companionship study, 3 short lessons of the Restoration, we went to a member's home and had dinner there and shared the same message with them, and had trainings and a fireside.  Whew!  It was a long day, but a good one.  I loved being with future missionaries.  They have such an incredible Spirit about them.  And you could definitely tell who consistently prays, reads scriptures, and follows the example of Christ and who kinda does it once a week on Sunday.  The consistent once were confident and had a very bright light in their eyes.  I loved seeing it in others!  And I know all of you can have that light in your eye as you do what Heavenly Father has asked you to do.
It hit me towards the end of the day that almost all the future missionaries I worked with were Paul's age.  Man, that's crazy!  But all of the kids will quickly get to that age.  Don't procrastinate your learning and preparing!  Start NOW to prepare for a mission.  The challenge we gave the future missionaries here was 10 minutes in the scriptures and Preach my gospel every day.  I know that will prepare anyone who wants to go on a mission.
The rest of the week was fairly normal.  We had zone conference and got to see tons of missionaries there.
I've been feeling kinda sick the past 2 weeks ...That hasn't been fun.  I was going to nap today, but letter writing is taking much longer than expected.
I had my 4 month mark Saturday!  That's just crazy.  I still feel brand new.  There's just SO much to learn!!  And at this rate I feel like my mission will finish before I truly get the hang of it.  But it's still so wonderful.
...Has it been getting cold in Ogden?  I know here in New Mexico the fuzzy socks you sent me are my best friends.  Feel free to send more!
Okay, I saw Brenton's email of questions and answers, and I think that would be pretty cool to do.  So, anyone have any questions?
Alright, I love you all!! I'm gonna try to feel better by taking a nap now.
Love you!!!
PS My hair is getting long!!!!

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