Monday, September 21, 2015

Strange things are afoot!‏

So, we received transfer news and ... Guess what! I'M TRAINING!!!!  I just barely graduated training myself and now I'm expected to teach a new missionary all there is to know about the mission life.  To say that I'm nervous is the biggest understatement in the world, but I know that it will be a good experience!  I just know that I will really need a whole lot of prayers and stuff.  I know that Heavenly Father will help me through this, I just need to trust Him even more than I already do and I trust Him a LOT already.  So this is gonna be an adventure and a half!!

Other things that happened this week.... Sister Steele and I gave a training together at District Meeting this week!  That was fun :)  We had the topic of Relying on the Spirit.  

And we did a LOT of tracting this week.  For some reason we had two days that barely had any appointments, or people would cancel last minute or something so we knocked on a lot of doors.  It was good, but I truly appreciate member referrals and set appointments now.  But I love meeting new people as well!  So really, there's no down side to this situation.

We were also given a lot of food this week which was wonderful!  Two loaves of homemade bread and some homemade jam... It made for some very happy missionaries.

I really don't have a ton to write out.  We had some funny moments this week!  Some great quotes were

" I love this music!  It reminds me of Brother Bear!" "...Who's Brother Bear?" --Me and Sister Steele

"He did a backflip!" "Wait... a Black-flip??" -- District and Elder Larsen

Well, I love you all and hope everyone is doing amazing things!!!
Becca :)

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  1. Spoke with the mission president's wife today. Rebecca will get assigned her little greenie straight from the MTC tomorrow. The missionaries fly in today (flight was delayed) and then the mission president will interview them. He doesn't know who Rebecca's companion will be until after the interviews. Should be exciting!