Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Here we go again!

This week has been eventful :)  Funny experiences:  Our phone called 911!  So we're in the church library talking to our Bishop when there's suddenly a police officer there asking what our phone number is and then informs us that we're on the phone with 911.  It had been in Sister Steele's bag and apparently hit the wrong buttons.  

I also mad a person cry from embarrassment.  Oops.  We were having a lesson with a lady in her trailer and I really really needed to use the restroom.  I had intended to wait until we left, but I kinda couldn't wait any longer.  So I asked if I could use her facilities and she reluctantly showed me to her bathroom.  It was in an awful state.  They don't have running water, and she can't bend down to pick up trash so there were a ton of soda cans on the floor I had to step over and there wasn't a door to close.  But I was just thankful I could use the restroom and didn't think much of it.  But I come out and she's in tears talking to the member we brought about how terrible she felt.  Gosh... I will never ask to use a member's restroom again.  I think we smoothed things over, but it was super awkward.  I just really needed to go....

We also had a fun experience where I had my first door slammed in my face!  I kinda laughed a lot after it happened.  We knocked on the door, the guy we kinda knew opened it, looked at us, we said hi, then he said "Nope, not today"  then proceeded to close the door and lock it without a second to spare.  We were both so surprised that happened that we couldn't help but burst out laughing a little.

Other exciting experiences, we had an awful even with ice cream this past week!  We went to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone/smoothie after a lesson in the hot sun and Sister Steele's chocolate ice cream was sour!  It was absolutely disgusting.  I was eternally grateful that I had gotten a smoothie.  When we went back a few days later they didn't have any chocolate ice cream and I think we know why.

Oh!  And we had a lesson yesterday where we discussed the gospel over a fire while roasting marshmallows!!! Mission life is just the best :)  We might be having too much fun out here.

I've also realized that I've been completely spoiled in having a piano player in my life.  I'm doing a musical number this Thursday for a meeting and I think it's going to be accapella.  

But we have been having spiritual experiences as well!  We had 4 people accept the invitation to baptism this week!!!!! SUPER exciting! And Ludene gets baptized on Saturday!  It's gonna be the best :)

Well, I love you all and hope you're all doing well!!!!
Becca :)

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