Monday, September 21, 2015

Lots of pictures!

Ludene's baptism

This is our zone ...

This is our district

Party hats!!!! :D  

We had a celebration for Sister Schaff and I graduating 12 week training!  ... but my camera tends to take blurry pictures... so here's some of the party!

Accurate depiction of our district... Sister Steele and I laughing at the somewhat dumb things that Elders do... 

and Inaccurate depiction, me not smiling.  I'm shocked this picture is even in existence.

Aztec Ruins

We had two Sister Cardon's for a day! Sister Schaff forgot her nametag and I luckily carry around an extra.
Dating life is NOT for Sisters!  Except at the Aztec Ruins :)

We've had a fun companionship! :)  Headbands and bows are a needed thing in life.

And our ward leaders for Aztec 1st ward

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