Monday, September 14, 2015

Fainting, curses, and music...‏

Hello family and friends!

Life is good out here on the mission :)  We're still going day by day and getting a ton of work done! 

Fun events that happened this week: A guy fainted while we were teaching him!  It was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  We're standing on his porch, talking to him (he's about 16) and then all of a sudden his eyes roll to the back of his head and he starts leaning towards me silently.  Then he hits his head on the side of the house, and keeps falling my direction, kinda sliding down the wall.  I was freaking out like none other.  Sister Steele told me to catch him, but I couldn't.  He was just on the floor for a second then came around.  We left shortly afterwards so he could feel better.

We also had zone conference this week and I was asked to do a musical number as well as put together a game with Sister Steele.  I was going to sing Who Is This Man, but couldn't get a piano player to play the music.  So it instead turned into a mashup of Lead Kindly Light/I Need Thee Every Hour and it went surprisingly well!  I'm quite impressed with my mashup skills :)  I'll have to send you a description of it or something.  I might use it again sometime.  

The game we chose to do was a missionary version of the game Curses.  And it was HILARIOUS!  Some of the curses were things like "Say 'And it came to pass' before you speak" "At the end of speaking, end with 'and thus ended the __ year of the reign of the judges'" "Gift of tongues- speak in a French accent" "Anytime someone says the word 'mission' or 'missionary' stand up and say 'I know that it's true!'" "Anytime someone stands up, act like TiWi (our car buddy that keeps us safe) and shout out 'Aggressive driving!'".  It was fantastic.  Some of the tasks were things like "Explain to Sister Adams why you have broken your arm" "Elder Jensen found a dent in your truck, explain how it got there" "describe how to make the perfect bowl of ramen noodles."

We also got to do a little service and peel roasted green chiles!  Our hands kinda burned afterwards, but it was all good! ... Until you rubbed your eyes... Both Sister Steele and I made that mistake.  Cause learning from the other person's mistake is far too easy.

And Ludene got baptized!!!!! :D  I got to go to Shiprock for Saturday morning and watch it happen and it was the greatest thing ever!  She was so funny when she came out of the water.  She looked at the little kids and said "and that's how it's done!  You pay attention so you can do it in a few years"  She's just the greatest :)  And she loved my cookies!  It was a wonderful day :)

I'm sadly about out of time, but I love you all SO much!!! And I hope you're all doing amazing things!  
Love ya!
Becca :)

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