Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere :)‏

Hello hello!
Life has been SO good this week!  We've been busy getting my new trainee adjusted to mission life and she is doing AMAZING!!! Her name is Sister Abbigail Nielsen and she is truly incredible.  She's from Weston Idaho, graduated a year ago, and went to Utah State for a year before the mission.  She is the sweetest thing ever and I love her so much!  She truly keeps me on track as she reminds me of the simple things while my brain is being scattered a million different places at once.  Heavenly Father truly knows who you need as a companion.  Life is GREAT! :D

Adventures that happened this week:  Well, transfers obviously.  Sister Steele is with Sister Scoffield now and while I slightly wish I were part of that trio, I've accepted the fact that we'll just have to have a trio next transfer.  Sister Nielsen will be able to take over the area, right?? Just kidding, I'm happy with how everything worked out :)

We were able to watch Women's conference on Saturday!  That was SO good!!!! I absolutely loved every minute of it!  And am so extremely excited for General Conference this weekend!  I'm just grateful that we have a living prophet now that we can look to for counsel and guidance. We are just so blessed in this life.

We also had the opportunity to sit at an auto shop for two hours on Friday... that wasn't so fun.  But we had someone randomly call us and say they wanted to take missionary lessons!  So that was exciting!  I love those random moments :)

We also got to go to the Temple yesterday, which is why I didn't email.  But it was SO amazing!!!! Oh man, I just can't even describe how great it was to be in the temple again.  The Spirit that is there is so strong!  And it provides such a strength.  Temples are just the best.

Well, I love you all and hope you're doing well!!!!! Enjoy the pictures!
Becca :)

shout out to my pirate people :)
I tried Green Chile Ice Cream! It was... weird.  So I ended up getting an apple pie ice cream instead and that was much better!
It's Sister Nielsen!!! :D  She is AMAZING!!!! I wrote random facts in the hand written letter, but in short she's from Idaho, has a dairy farm, is incredible, and I love her to death.  Here you've got her first day in the field and then our temple trip yesterday

I love these ladies SO much!  We've had some fantastic times together :)  Now Sister Scoffield and Sister Steele are companions!! Crazy life

We were able to go to the temple yesterday!  And all of my companions were there except for Sister Jessee!  So here they are!  Sister Scoffield, Sister Steele, and now Sister Nielsen! :D

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